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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
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he first prototype of the Powerscreen
XH320X impact crusher was sent
to Crush Ltd in the UK for extensive
testing. Crush is a customer of Powerscreen
Distributor, Blue Group, and is a specialist
crushing and screening contractor based in
South Wales.
They own and run an extensive list of plant
that enables them to deal with customers’
crushing and screening needs quickly and
Ben Sherratt, operations director with
Crush, said, “We had the XH320X on test for
9 months and were delighted with its perfor-
mance. We tested the machine on a variety of
applications including recycled asphalt, lime-
stone and grit stone.
The impressive performance of the test
machine along with our direct input on
design from a customer perspective allowed
us to be involved in the final design which
took on board the varying applications that a
contractor has to work.
This created a design which is much more
flexible and suited to a crushing contractors’
need for versatility that ultimately lead us
to purchasing one of the first production
The machine initially worked on highly
abrasive grit stone to test the apron, hammer
and rotor strength and durability, it impressed
the customer with good output, minimal
wear, fuel consumption and reduction.
They also commented on the robust
design, easy set-up, ease of maintenance
and build quality of the machine. In this ap-
plication, the impact crusher produced an
average of 180 tonnes per hour and a con-
sistent 8000 tonnes per week.
However Mr Sherratt said, “once it was
moved to a recycled asphalt application it
really excelled. When working on mixed re-
cycled asphalt, the machine really performed
giving a very good consistent reduction.”
“We currently employ a modern fleet of 32
machines, including jaws, cones, impactors
and various screens,” said Mr Sherratt. “With
a strong environmental agenda, we choose
new mobile products carefully to ensure the
company’s fleet helps reduce our customers’
carbon footprint, delivering efficiency savings
in both fuel consumption and operational
costs while not compromising output.”
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Prototype Made An Impact On
Crush Ltd
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