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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
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rett Landscaping has used its creative
expertise to produce an aesthetically-
design that provides a cohesive identity for
a refurbished healthcare and education
complex in Surbiton.
The new development, which com-
prises Surbiton Health Centre and Lime Tree
Primary School, is situated on the grounds of
an old hospital. Brett was contacted by the
site contractors, Farncombe Construction, to
enhance the revamped facilities in a way that
took into account the site’s sustainable needs
and made best use of the available site space.
Landscaping recommended a combination
of Alpha Flow and Omega Flow permeable
paving, complemented with decorative kerbs
and Yorktone flag paving.
Brett also manufactured a bespoke flat
block kerb – a product that is not part of the
company’s standard range – to deliver the op-
timum solution for the project’s requirements.
“Sometimes, it is obvious that the best so-
lution for an installation cannot be found on
the shelf, and our extensive design experience
enables us to have the ability to provide be-
spoke paving solutions that are unique to
customers’ needs,” explains Andrew Gill,
marketing manager at Brett.
“We manufactured a flat-block specifically
for this scheme as it was a functional product
that was necessary for the scheme, as well
as allowing the contractor to value engineer
and reduce costs.”
The modern design of the Brett Alpha Flow
permeable paving, which has tumbled edges
to provide a durable, aesthetically pleasing
solution, together with Omega Flow’s classic
rectangular block profile, enabled Farncombe
Construction to meet the Surface Water
Management requirements of the installation
without compromising on the aesthetic ap-
pearance of the block paving.
“We had a meeting with the contractors
on numerous occasions to determine the best
paving combination within their budget con-
straints. We felt that the chosen permeable
paving and the decorative kerbs would be
best for the site’s needs in terms of creating
an effective water management system and
an aesthetic appearance to attract visitors,”
Andrew adds.
To meet the needs of the contractor, the
hard landscaping experts also provided sug-
gestions about redesigning the kerb line and
paved areas to make better use of the space,
as well as proposing amendments to the
original design spec to achieve the best com-
bination of products.
“Inspiring patients and pupils is not just
about what goes on indoors – good design
of outdoor spaces is recognised as helping
in the healing process, as well as stimulating
creativity at school,” concludes Andrew Gill.
Brett Landscaping
Paving Design Unites
Medical Centre And School
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