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Pioneer Turns Around
Pumpset In Under 4
Pioneer Pump got a call for a 300m³/hr pump,
pumping diesel at 130 m head at 2000 rpm,
on a Tuesday and provided its customer with
a solution in under 4 weeks.
The original was for an ATEX zone II
pumpset. However, price and lead time on the
Atex engine were too great for the end-user,
therefore, Pioneer offered Becot its standard
Atex alternative.
This is a CAT C9 engine, fully equipped
with a Chalwyn valve and spark arrestor,
‘Rig Safe’, system suitable for operation
in gaseous and flammable applications,
available in stock at Pioneer’s UK operation.
This resulted in a formal order for 1 off ‘Rig
Safe’ diesel trailer set.
The pumpset comprised of a 24-hour run,
heavy-duty fuel tank; on-road wheels and
trailer axles; a CAT C9 225 kW engine and
Excavator Fuel Savings
Surrey-based J DevineGroup civil engineering
has hailed the fuel efficiency of JCB’s new tier
4i tracked excavators having just purchased
three JS130 models.
They have already impressed with their
fuel efficiency and reliability on a series of
house-building projects including a new
development at Queen Elizabeth Barracks,
Church Crookham, Hampshire.
The excavators are fitted with the T4i com-
pliant, 91 hp (68 kW) JCB Ecomax engine
In addition, the machines have the JCB
LiveLink telematics fleet management system
so can be monitored remotely to enable
the owner to fully analyse every aspect of
J Devine plant manager, Tim Brackley
said: “We purchased the JCB machines fol-
lowing a successful demonstration period
during which they proved extremely reliable
and their fuel consumption was impressive.
“The specification was exactly what we
needed and the feedback from the operators
was excellent so we placed the order.
“Since the machines arrived, nothing has
changed our minds. With diesel prices as they
are, fuel efficiency is massively important for
“To date the three machines are aver-
aging between 6.5 and 8.1 litres per hour.
If they maintain those rates we will be abso-
lutely delighted.
“No one is quite sure what the future
holds regarding carbon emissions, but the
figures on these models are good and we are
pleased to have invested in machines at the
forefront in technology to keep us ahead of
the game.”
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
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