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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
caffolding contractor, Xervon Palmers, is
nearing completion on a multi-million,
18 month contract providing bespoke
scaffolding and access services for Heathrow
Airport’s state-of-the-art new Terminal 2 – to
be called ‘The Queen’s Terminal.’
The company’s work on the T2B site at
Heathrow – for Balfour Beatty – began in
January 2012. At the project’s peak, they
provided a significant number of skilled scaf-
folding operatives and scaffolding equipment
for the contract on the secure site which is
one of the largest airports in Europe.
The contract has centred around providing
scaffolding services and access solutions for
the construction of the new building in three
phases, making way for the construction of
a new, 600 m long and 35 m wide, split-
level pier and the proposed Heathrow East
Terminal (HET).
Some of the work has been involved in
creating scaffolding underground, to assist in
the construction of connecting tunnels for rail
has been pro-
vided using a
mix of tradi-
tional tube and
fitting and modern Cuplok and Layher system
scaffolding including the creation of large
birdcage scaffolds in the atriums and esca-
lator constructions.
Working on such a busy, sensitive site has
thrown up unique scaffolding and access chal-
lenges, including not interrupting sight lines
for the Air Traffic Control tower or disturbing
RADAR signals while working at height. In
addition, clearance had to be gained to
provide access through the advanced security
systems and organising BAA passes for all of
the operatives (a six month process).
All site deliveries have been made, using
specific pre-set access and egress routes at set
Heathrow Contract
Completed On Time and
Within Budget
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