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but still maintaining focus on Health and
Safety without compromise.
TT-UK introduced them to the City
Sucker and arranged a demonstration.
All those in attendance quickly appre-
ciated the efficiency and suction power
of the City Sucker, which surpassed any-
thing previously seen. Most of all, due to
its size which can manoeuvre onto many
restrictive job sites thus greatly improving
Mounted on the two metre wide Mitsubishi
Fusso chassis, the City Sucker incorporates a
single hydraulically driven high performance
fan with a maximum capacity of 11,300 m³/h.
The hydraulically driven, on-board com-
pressor delivers 2.2 m³/min at 7 bar, ena-
bling automatic cleaning of the fine filters
and operation of pneumatic tools. The power
assisted suction hose has a maximum reach
of 3.55 m with the option to extend. It also
rotates 180°.
The holding capacity of the material con-
tainer is 1.1 m³. Material can be discharged
into skips, directly into Dumpy bags using the
City Suckers unique holder or it can be taken
off site.
TT-UK/RSP Suction
Excavators, design
and options can
be tailored to suit
The 7.5t City
Sucker offers Utility companies
and contractors additional opportunities to
use Suction Excavation at job sites not previ-
ously accessible, increasing Health & Safety,
keeping job sites clean and increasing job
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Page 19
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
A-Plant’s Considerate
Solution with VCAS
A-Plant, working in partnership with Spillard
Safety Systems, has found a solution to
reduce noise levels on construction sites
using a modified Vehicle Collision Avoidance
System (VCAS) sensor.
VCAS vehicle safety enhancement system
warns operators of immediate dangers
within a predetermined range. The system
consists of three sensors mounted on the
front of the dumper to monitor obstructions;
the sensors send a signal to a control box
on the dashboard, which then produces an
audible alarm.
When mounted on a vehicle in a prede-
termined configuration a 4 metre primary
sensing zone can be achieved, providing ef-
fective visual and audible warnings to the
vehicle operator. It cannot be turned off
or ignored by operators unfamiliar with its
A-Plant discussed a number of options
with Spillard to safely modify the audible
sensors to turn the audio warning alarms off
at night and fit a warning light as the alert
during the night.
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