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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
renchley Civil Engineering is the first
company in the UK to take delivery of
the new TT-UK/RSP 7.5t City Sucker -
a new era in suction excavation
Brenchley Civil Engineering based in
Portsmouth, a well-established contractor, is
currently working on a street lighting con-
tract for Southern Electric in Hampshire and
West Sussex. They have been using a number
of larger Suction Excavators for over two
years on this street light replacement where
digging down on live cables is a highly dan-
gerous task.
Safer Option
Brenchley carried out risk assessments and
found that, by using
suction excavation, their
strike rate fell from one
in every 142 mains/
disconnection holes dug
by traditional means
(hand or small tools)
down to one in every
546 holes using suction
H o w e v e r ,
ready seen the
benefits that
suction ex-
c a v a t i o n
brought to
their con-
tract, due
nature of
the works;
it was found that the larger model could not
access certain areas due to size and limited
Therefore, Brenchley began to look around
for a smaller unit capable of accessing re-
stricted areas within towns and housing es-
tates, whilst looking to increase productivity
Excavator Innovation
Proves Itself
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