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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
s one of the largest family owned and
operated metal recycling companies
in the North West, Maxilead Metals
pride themselves on offering an extensive
range of recycling solutions. Thereby,
helping to contribute to the sustainability of
natural resources and the protection of the
To aid in the increase in output of a wide
variety of materials which pass through
their state-of-the-art recycling facility in
Manchester the company has recently in-
vested in a new Terex-
Fuchs wheeled material
handler from the Blue
Group, the third to join
the fleet.
The 30.5 tonne
MHL340D FQC is the
first in the UK to be sup-
plied with the optional
Fuchs Quick Connect system. This allows
for rapid change of attachments from the
multi-purpose stick with grab or the stick with
magnet for a Genesis GXP300R scrap shear
in less than a minute.
All connections are protected against
shocks and contamination with sensors veri-
fying correct positioning and secure locking
when connecting and disconnecting the
The system maximises efficiency, enabling
a single machine to carry out a whole range
From Scrap
The new quick coupler on the
Terex Fuchs handlers increases
productivity and safety.
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