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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 3 No 5
n the wake of the Environment Agency’s
report that one in every five days last
year saw flooding in the UK, one success
story has emerged.
The fast response service of supply chain
and procurement specialist Integrated
Services helped residents of South Tyneside
to quickly move back into their properties fol-
lowing significant flooding in the region.
South Tyneside Homes, an organisation
created by South Tyneside Council, manages,
maintains and improves its council homes
and estates. These cover approximately
19,000 homes. Integrated Services worked
closely with Supply UK, a tool and access
equipment hire company, to provide more
than 600 specialist pieces of equipment to
the social housing group, after properties
were damaged by flooding caused by intense
Having received the emergency call from
South Tynside Homes at approximately 11.00
am one morning, an extensive range of de-
humidifiers, fans and residual-current devices
were specified and delivered by 7pm the
same day. This was to ensure the needs of
its residents were met quickly and efficiently.
A technical expert from both Integrated
Services and Supply UK visited houses af-
fected by the flooding the next day, offering
advice on how to quickly dry the homes while
also managing the allocation of the specialist
equipment across the range of properties.
Steve Selfe, Sales Manager at Integrated
Services, explained: “Our constantly changing
climate has made weather patterns difficult
to predict, as highlighted by the Environment
Agency recently, but no-one could have
foreseen the flooding that the South Shields
area was subjected to last year.
“Flooding at the properties ranged from
water entering households and damaging
skirting boards, to water levels being so
high that it was almost at ceiling height. Our
collaborative relationship with Supply UK
enabled us to act fast, delivering the right
equipment to provide an effective solution to
homes which had been affected by the floods.
“The supply solution included the Dri-Eaz
dehumidifier and a range of Sahara fan
blowers to generate air movement that – in
turn – speeds up the drying process.
“Meeting with residents and concerned
parties played a key role in enabling us to
advise on how to dry the properties as quickly
as possible. While the floods were upsetting
for the local residents concerned, the incident
does demonstrate what can be achieved
when dedicated teams work together to solve
a problem that requires fast and efficient
Time is
Critical To
Fast-acting response from Integrated Services
helps residents affected by floods in South
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