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2013 Vol 3 No 4
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CW UK & Ireland
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CW UK & Ireland
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Green from the ground up - page 2

The contractors needed stable ground in order to transport abnormal loads to the wind farm over 12 weeks, and hired 537 metres of Emtek timber mats.

Telescopic cranes undertake tandem lift in positing the tower sectionsTemporary installations

Public roads were closed for four days while REG Windpower delivered large components of the wind turbine and part of the route went over a peaty surface at Skitham Lane, Rawcliffe. This is where Timbermat’s temporary access road was laid. A significant number of lorries used the temporary surface during the building of an electrical substation on the site.

Grove GMK5130 and Demag AC140 GVW telescopic cranes undertake tandem lift in positing the tower sections

Accreditation to Constructionline

Suppliers of temporary road access solutions, walkways and Bog Mats, Timbermat Ltd, has announced its recent accreditation to Constructionline, a UK Government Certification Service and national online database of pre-qualified contractors and consultants.

The criteria for Constructionline accreditation includes the supply of financial information including Directors’ report, Auditor’s or accountant’s report and usual financial statements together with two references for each category, sector or discipline for which the business wishes to be registered.

Timbermat’s Managing Director, John Roberts said, ‘although a lot of work is required to meet the pre-qualification criteria of Constructionline, it’s been extremely worthwhile. Not only does this accreditation show our commitment to the industry, our environmental policy and the health and wellbeing of our staff, it can help to speed up the tender process immensely.’

Timbermat is the UKs only official supplier of Emtek, the only system on the market with tested and certified load calculations, and a supplier of Reco-Trac 100% recycled Trackway.

The site required 1400 metres of new stone tracks for access to turbine locations from the public highway and consists of an estimated 3400 tons of crushed imported stone. The tracks are 5 m wide by 300 mm deep.

Construction of new tracks and the widening of existing tracks involved stripping back topsoil to a depth of approximately 300 mm and setting aside in temporary spoil heaps.

Levelling and grading the ground to falls and cross falls to assist drainage of the areas and, depending upon the bearing capacity of the sub-soil it a geo-grid or a geo-textile which will also prevent the migration of road stone into the substrata.

Once in place, the crushed road stone was compacted with vibrating rollers to provide the running surface of the track during construction.

At the end of the construction/erection period all tracks will be reduced down to the width needed for the operational phase of the wind farm and surplus material will be removed from site. Stockpiled topsoil will be spread levelled, rotavated and seeded on the restored verges.

Construction Compound.

An area to the east of turbine 1 has been allocated for use of the Contractors as a site compound.

This area was cleared of topsoil down to a level of approximately 300 mm and road stone laid to provide a compound for the site administration offices, welfare facilities and material storage.

The topsoil was stockpiled in temporary spoil heaps on site for re-use in reinstatement of the area.

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