Harbour Way works continue to make
Work on Harbour Way reached another significant milestone in
August, with the completion of the new main entrance to Tata
A temporary access road has been constructed over Cefn
Gwrgan Bridge, allowing vehicles entering the steelworks onto a
section of the newly completed dual carriageway through land
previously owned by Tata. This means all employees and visitors
will now use the new main entrance which has been built as part
of the scheme.
Neath Port Talbot Council Leader, Ali Thomas, welcomed the latest stage in the development, saying: “Harbour
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 8
reached on Forth
First sheet piled cofferdam
section for the foundation
of the Forth Replacement
Crossing ’s central tower was craned out to
Beamer Rock in the middle of the Forth Estuary
on 5 November in what is a key milestone for
Transport Scotland’s project.
The rectangular sheet piled cofferdam of ten
t, 10.6 m high sections is being constructed
inside the (now excavated) rock. Each section is
made of a steel wall and a 0.5 m deep concrete
base. The cofferdam is due to be completed by
mid December.
C o n t r a c t o r F o r t h C r o s s i n g B r i d g e
Constructors is erecting three towers for the
cable stay structure at a height of 207 m above
high tide. The crossing will be 2.7 km long
including approach viaducts.
The north and south towers’ foundations are being formed inside 1200 t double skinned steel caissons 30 m
high and of 30 m diameter. Each caisson has a temporary caisson fixed on top so that the structure remains above
sea level. This allows dewatering of the caisson and the formation of the tower’s concrete foundations in dry
Once the foundations are complete, the temporary caissons are removed for recycling and the permanent
caissons remain out of sight below the surface of the water, sunk into the seabed.
The approach viaducts to the new bridge are carried on hollow cross section, reinforced concrete piers – eight
on the south side, two on the north. On the south side, the foundations for the pier nearest the bridge (i.e the
northernmost) will be constructed using a caisson. The majority of the remaining piers will have their foundations
constructed using sheet piled cofferdams.