City enjoys second street art
Global street artists have harnessed the
effec t i veness of powered access f rom
Nationwide Platforms to create Europe’s
largest open air art gallery.
Forty artists from Europe and North
America used the equipment during a four-
day street art festival in Bristol which saw
multi-storey buildings transformed into
permanent works of art.
To he l p the spec tac l e take shape ,
Nationwide Platforms provided a range
of platforms and working at height expertise,
ensuring that even the tallest of buildings could
become huge canvasses for the giant graffiti
A total of three 11.5 metre diesel scissor lifts
were used where artists could gain clear access
straight up” the sides of the buildings. This type
of platform proved ideal as it enabled two artists
to reach the required heights at the same time.
An additional four boom lifts provided “up and
over” access to heights above obstacles, including
two articulating Niftylift Height Rider units
providing access to 12 metres, and two Genie
units enabling the artists to reach up to around 27
Supplementing this, three Bronto truck mounted platforms giving access to 43, 45 and 50 metres respectively
were used to give the artists access to the highest points of the buildings, as well as being used by the national
media to gain coverage of the whole event from a birds-eye view.
The truck mounted platforms were also managed and controlled by two fully-trained machine operators, leaving
the graffiti artists to focus fully on their tasks.
The UK powered access leader also provided operator training accredited by the International Powered Access
Federation (IPAF) to give event participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely use and manage the
powered access.
Nationwide Platforms’ Bristol Depot Manager Andy Stone said: “With such a large proportion of the street
art being completed at height, it was always going to be essential that the organisers found the safest and most
effective means of working. It’s with that in mind that we were pleased to help protect the welfare of the artists by
providing the most suitable equipment for the challenges they faced.
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