Unrivalled On Board Weighing from Prolec
Prolec, a recognised market leader in control and productivity systems for the construction industry has developed
a dedicated suite of on board weighing systems under its Pro Load brand, enabling accurate loading for a variety of
They are: Weighloader, for use with wheeled loaders and forklifts plus
Weighloader ADT, designed to accurately weigh articulated dump trucks.
provides operators with a solution to achieve maximum
productivity, and is particularly useful in quarrying and waste handling,
or where road traffic regulations are to be complied with on loading road
vehicles. Easy to use on any system to offer productivity benefits including
right first time loading and faster working cycles. As well as providing
enhanced site safety through reduced vehicle movements.
Its features include: accurate dynamic and static weighing; multiple
bucket calibrations; multiple products and sites; easy to use operator
interface; operators’ trim facility for optimum performance; live last
bucket weighing/tip facility; and, optional printer. The system can be
configured with a wireless or telemetry system to remotely send data to a central location for data analysis and
productivity tracking.
Weighloader ADT
offers a unique solution to the problem of on board
weighing on articulated
dump trucks and is suitable for use where the management of product
across multiple sites is required. The system boasts unrivalled accuracy
as it uses Prolec’s unique strain sensor technology and algorithms, and
also provides guidance on overloading and optimum load patterns.
Its features include: accuracy >5%, compensation on slopes and
uneven ground; automated operation; easy to use operator interface;
operators’ trim facility for optimum performance; target weighing
mode; approach to target and overload warning; and, optional printer,
telemetry based communication and fleet management.
In addition to the supply of the product, Prolec has an after sales
support network, using mobile service engineers across the world.
Also provided is factory-based product service support providing
training to engineers and customers
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 8
Modified generators from Wacker
The Wacker GV 5003 and GV 7003 three-phase generators are now equipped with three plug socket as standard
instead of the previous two. This means that customers do not need to decide on one configuration when
purchasing a generator as the appropriate plug socket for the tool in question is now always available.
T h e n e w
three-phase current units are powered by the tried and tested Honda
engines. As before, the two generators have an engine output of 6.3 kW
GV 5003) and 8.3 kW (GV 7003) respectively and supply an output current
of 14.1 A at 1~ and 7.5 A, and 10.2 A at 3~ respectively. Due to the extra-
large tank with a filling volume of 11 litres, the generators can be used for
continuous operation of up to 6.7 hours, so almost a full working day.
The compact and low-level design is practical for transportation and
storage. The GV series comprises models in three different performance
categories as well as AC and three-phase designs. In addition to being
used on construction sites, the portable generators can equally be used for
industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.