GX120, GX160 and GX240 petrol engines with outputs from 2.6 to 5.3 kW, respectively. The BXR-300E model is
powered by a Yanmar 4.8 kW L70EE diesel engine and features an electric starting system in contrast to the recoil
starting systems in the other three models.
The BXR-60H ,BXR-100H, BXR200H and BXR-300E reversible direction plate compactors weigh 72, 150, 235 and
kg, with plate sizes of 350 x 470, 390 x 630, 450 x 740 and 450 x 860 mm, respectively. The four plates produce
impact forces from 15.2 to 41.2 kN.
All the models have a centrifugal clutch for smooth transfer between forward and reverse directions, allowing
the operator to enter and exit from a confined work space along the same path.
Upright rammers
Three upright rammer models are designed for efficient compaction of a wide range of soils from mixed and
cohesive types to heavy clay in backfilling and narrow trench compaction applications.
Powered by a 2.1 kW Honda GX100 engine, the RX-264H has a shoe size of 230 x 330 mm and weighs just 58 kg.
It provides an impact force of 11.2 kN at a frequency of 600-650 bpm.
The RX-304H upright rammer weighs 71 kg and is powered by a Honda GX120 engine. Offering a shoe size of
x 330 mm, this model provides an impact force of 13.4 kN at 600-650 bpm.
The RX-344H weighs 72 kg and is also powered by a Honda GX120 engine. Offering a shoe size of 280 x 330 mm.
It provides a higher impact force of 15.1 kN at 600-650 bpm.
All three upright rammers have a low profile and a low centre of gravity. A self-balancing design ensures minimal
effort is required to operate the rammers.
Walk behind double and single rollers
Completing the range of Light Compaction Equipment from Doosan are walk-
behind single and double drum vibratory rollers.
The SX170H single drum roller is ideal for asphalt patching jobs
and features a rear-mounted roller and front-mounted bar to
prevent front-to-rear tip over. Weighing 270 kg, the SX170H has a
mm wide drum producing an impact force of 8.9 kN at 74.3 Hz.
The DX-500E, DX600H, DX600E, DX700H and DX-700E double
drum models are equipped with a water sprinkler system as
standard and are ideal for compaction of hot mix asphalt as well as
granular soils or aggregates. Centrifugal force ranges from 11.8 to
kN, static weight from 590 to 740 kg, drum diameter of 356 to
mm and rolling width of 575 to 650 mm respectively. Frequency
on all models is 55 Hz.
The H models are powered by a Honda petrol and the E models use
Kubota diesel engine. Output ranges from 3.6 to 4.5 kW
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 8
ECY Haulmark presents OilQuick - the
OilQuick is an automatic coupler system which permits hydraulic work
tools to be connected and disconnected directly from the driver’s cab
quickly, easily and profitably, which allows the operator to change
between various work tools within seconds.
OilQuick says that these quick coupler systems are regarded as
the safest on the market, and, as work tools are changed and coupled
automatically, the operator does not have to get down from the cab. No more handling of couplings covered in oil
or leaving the cab with unnecessary exposure to risks.
Fast tool change and efficient use of the machine help to increase productivity. Experience has shown that
investing in one of these systems pays off when you have to change hydraulic work tools only two or three times a
working day.