New Doosan Branded Light
Compaction Range
The new Light Compaction Equipment Range from Doosan Portable Power comprises vibratory plate compactors,
upright rammers and walk-behind single and double drum rollers designed for a wide variety of compaction
These are perfect fit to the smaller range of ‘utility’ machines from Doosan and Bobcat and further
increase the versatility through the one brand.
Vibratory plate compactors
The se l ec t i on of Doosan v i brator y p l ate
compactors comprises the six single direction
vibratory plate compactors – the BX-6WH,
BX8WH, BX12WH, BX-60WH, BX-80WH and BX-
All are powered by Honda
e n g i n e s w i t h r a t c h e t i n g
throttle control for improved
m a n o e u v r i n g a r o u n d
obstacles. Performance of
these plate compactors make
them i dea l for eff i c i ent l y
compacting granular soils and
crushed aggregates.
The three lighter (BX-6WH, BX8WH,
BX12WH) plates offer plate sizes of 400 x 525 mm, 480 x 585 mm and 550 x 650 mm, respectively. The smallest
weighs 70 kg and compacts to a depth of 30 cm with an impact force of 11.8 kN and a vibration rate of 92 Hz.
Middle of the range model weighing 90 kg, has an impact force of 14.7 kN, a compaction depth of 30 cm and
operates at 100 Hz. The largest of these three plates weights 110 kg , has a vibration rate of 108 Hz and combines
this with an impact force of 20.6 kN and compaction depth of 40.5 cm.
The larger three models (the BX-60WH, BX-80WH and BX-120WH) offer plate sizes of 430 x 565 mm, 500 x 565
mm and 550 x 575 mm, respectively. The smallest of these three weighs 83 kg and compacts to a depth of 30 cm
with an impact force of 15.3 kN and a vibration rate of 93.3 Hz. Weighing 94 kg, the middle size unit has an impact
force of 18.0 kN, a compaction depth of 35 cm and operates at 93.3 Hz. The largest plate has an operating weight
of 111 kg, the same vibration rate as the other two models and combines this with an impact force of 25.4 kN and
compaction depth of 41 cm.
The range also includes the VP-8RH combination compactor, which features a removable rubber roller-based
vibratory plate designed to compact base materials with the rollers are removed and then for work on finished
block work with the rollers are installed. It has a plate size of 500 x 480 mm, weighs
kg and compacts to a depth of 30 cm with an impact force of 16.7 kN and a
vibration rate of 106.7 Hz.
Standard features of the vibratory plate compactors include adjustable guide
handles, oil bath exciter bearing lubrication to eliminate the need for routine
greasing, a removable eccentric housing for ease and economy of repair, as well
as an engine protection cage with an integrated lifting bail. A gravity-feed water
sprinkler system is available for each model for compaction of hot mix asphalt.
Heavy-duty, sealed exciter bearings reduce maintenance, whilst at the same
time permit a higher centrifugal force compared to single-direction vibratory
plates. Special mounts isolate the engine and guide handle from vibration and
Reversible direction plate compactors
The Doosan Light Compaction Range also includes four reversible direction plate
compactors – models BXR-60H, BXR-100H, BXR200H and BXR-300E.
The BXR-60H, BXR-100H, BXR200H compactors are powered by a Honda
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