The lock-up function activates in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears
and gives the machine a maximum ground speed of 40
The wheel loader has greater productivity in V-cycle
applications because of the increased tractive effort.
The improved hill climbing ability allows the loader
to upshift gears faster because of better acceleration.
It can also achieve higher gear ranges and maintain
higher ground speeds when working in load-and-
carry applications. In most applications, production is
increased and fuel consumption reduced, resulting in
improved fuel efficiency.
Enhanced Operator Environment
In line with other manufacturers, Komatsu continues
to improve operator comfort. The new cab provides
a comfortable work environment with a reduced
interior sound level of only 68 dB(A) to help operators
maximize their productivity.
The front glass has been lowered and the dashboard
redesigned to improve visibility. The short lever
Electronic Pilot Control (EPC) is connected directly
to the operator seat. A precise and comfortable
temperature can be set with the Climate Control
system, and a CD-Radio including two 12 Volt ports is
now incorporated into the cab.
A new high resolution 7” LCD monitor features
enhanced capabilities and displays information in any
one of 25 languages, for global support and better
communication with operators.
Using the monitor, the operator can easily modify settings for items such as the auto idle shutdown or the auto-
reversing fan.
Operators can also check operational records, such as working hours or fuel consumption; monitor the KDPF;
or check how much time is required before the next maintenance interval. The monitor offers the option of using
the ECO Guidance function, which provides operational tips to reduce fuel consumption. A separate high-resolution
back-up camera is standard with every machine and is mounted on the right hand side of the console for operator
Greater versatility
An easy-to-clean radiator compartment in combination with an auto reversible radiator fan effectively supports
work on job sites that are littered with a lot of debris.
A newly designed multi-function lever has integrated proportional controls for the easy handling of attachments
that require a third hydraulic line, such as High-Dump buckets. For attachments, the flow rate can be adjusted
individually and select a continuous or proportional flow. Komatsu say that a new unique user interface allows
operators to save customized settings.
Convenient Maintenance and Serviceability
The WA380-7 provides easy service access to reduce costly downtime.
The new model has increased cooling capacity, wider cooling fin spacing
and a standard auto-reversing fan to help keep the radiator clean.
The machine is equipped with the exclusive Komatsu EMMS
Equipment Management Monitoring System), which has enhanced
diagnostic features that give the operator and technicians greater
monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. EMMS also continuously
monitors all critical systems, preventative maintenance, and provides
troubleshooting assistance to minimize diagnosis and repair time.
The latest model is supported by Komatsu CARE under which, for the
Operating weight
Engine power (ISO
Hinge pin height
Dumping Clearance (
with 3.2m³ bucket with
Full turn static tipping
load (at 37°)