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Editorial Comment
Congratulations and thank
you to our readers
As our thousands of readers are finding out,
digital publishing is a convenient way to read a
magazine. Many within publishing circles say
that printed trade magazines will disappear
within a few years as the cost of printing and distribution gets too high.
People begin to take note when such august publications as ‘Newsweek’ decide
to stop printing in January 2013 and become a 100% online magazine with
readership of hundreds of thousands.
Apart from convenience of being able to read a magazine when and
wherever due to the proliferation of e-book readers, iPads, tablets, smart
phones, etc - all of which are able to receive Contractors World including
video content - even if there is no internet connection (provided you have
downloaded the interactive PDF copy), there are other benefits.
We are being urged to consider the environment, save trees, reduce carbon
emissions, etc. Digital magazines such as Contractors World have virtually zero
carbon emissions. They are printed digitally and distributed digitally.
Since Contractors World published its first issue in September 2010, the
number of pages that have been read is the equivalent of over 1,000 trees
that would have been required to print the magazines. Assuming that there
are (according to industry experts) forty 10-year old pine trees per acre, one
thousand trees represents a substantial woodland.
Cynics will says that even digital publications require energy which requires
some carbon emissions but this is more than off-set by the neutralising effect of
the trees we have saved.
Are there any disadvantages?
Of course, but these are more than offset by the many benefits. For the older
generation, many still prefer sitting back with their feet up on the desk reading
a magazine and I am one of those. But technology is advancing so quickly that
even I am becoming accustomed to reading a magazine on a tablet. In fact,
once you get used to it, there are benefits.
A big disadvantage is that there is nothing to circulate around the office. As
a result, many people do not know of the magazine’s existence. So if you enjoy
reading the magazine, you will find on every page a convenient ‘share with’
button to involve colleagues and friends.
On behalf of environmentalists everywhere . . . THANK YOU
Roger Lindley
Publisher / Editor