The team at Limmo Peninsula, adjacent to Canning Town
station, will shortly repeat the operation with sister machine,
Elizabeth will start tunnelling later this year, travelling under the
River Lea towards Canary Wharf. Work has started to prepare
Crossrail’s Canary Wharf station to receive Elizabeth, with workers
breaking out the hard concrete at the tunnel eyes to allow for the
machines to easily enter the station next year.
Both tunnelling machines will receive maintenance while in
the large station box, before continuing their journey toward
Whitechapel, Liverpool Street and Farringdon.
The Mayo r o f L ondon , Bo r i s J ohn s on , s a i d : “ The
transformational force of Crossrail is now coming ever nearer to
central London. With every twist of these giant boring machines
we are unleashing the huge economic opportunities stemming
from this ambitious infrastructure project. Furthermore, the
construction of Crossrail’s eastern section is demonstrating
London’s world-class engineering expertise and providing
thousands of technical training and job opportunities.”
Andrew Wolstenholme, Crossrail’s Chief Executive said: “This
is a significant milestone for Crossrail’s progress in east London.
Elizabeth and Victoria will construct Crossrail’s longest tunnel
section - 8.3 kilometres between Canning Town and Farringdon.
When Crossrail is completed it will dramatically improve transport
in east London and bring places like Custom House and Abbey
Wood to within 20 minutes of London’s major employment
The 1,350 tonne crane took weeks to assemble and includes
heavy duty equipment to carry Elizabeth and Victoria on their
descent into the enormous main shaft built at the site. The crane,
supplied by Weldex International, is Europe’s largest and has the
capacity to lift 1350 tonnes in a single lift.
A smaller crane will lift the 10 gantries that form the back-
up trailers of the tunnelling machine and carry the materials to
support the tunnelling effort. The assembly of the tunnelling
machines and their gantries will be completed underground
creating two 148 metre long tunnelling factories.
After both machines and their gantries are safely in the shaft, a
large conveyer system will be constructed to take the earth from
the bottom of the shaft onto nearby ships. The two machines will
use large shove frames to push themselves forward into the earth.
Other works
Works are also being completed on the River Lea to construct a
jetty to berth ships that will take 1.2 million tonnes of earth to
Wallasea Island to create a new RSPB nature reserve as well as a
facility to dock barges that will bring 120,000 concrete segments
from Chatham in Kent to line the tunnels.
Crossrail began building its first tunnel in May of this year,
when the first tunnelling machine, Phyllis, closely followed
by Ada, started tunnelling at Royal Oak in west London. Eight
tunnelling machines will construct a total of 21 kilometres of twin
tunnels under London.
Joint Venture Dragados Sisk are constructing the eastern
tunnels between Limmo Peninsula and Farringdon, Pudding Mill
Lane and Stepney Green and Victoria Dock Portal and Limmo.
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