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Editorial Comment
Summer is over but plenty
of hot air as autumn
Why do people laugh when anyone says “Summer
is over”. Could it be the fact that for most of us,
it never happened apart from the odd teaser to
show what we were missing?
Atmospheric temperatures may be dropping and it wont be long before we
have our first frost, but as an adjunct to autumn, there is a profusion of hot air
emerging from the various political party conventions that are taking place. These
use to be highly entertaining but today they are too stage managed and contrived
as political leaders and ‘wannabe’ politicians swap punches whereas it use to be
different factions within a party exchanging blows. Big on promises . . but never an
apology for messing up the economy.
The Green party, as always, promised the earth and a utopian ideal knowing
that there is little chance of them getting elected so it sounds good. UKIP tried to
win friends and influence people by agreeing to talk with other possible allies but
only on their terms. That’s a very democratic way of negotiating.
As I wrap up this issue the Labour party is making all sorts of profound
statements about building thousand of houses paid for by selling off mobile phone
frequencies. Don’t they realise that you can build as many homes as you like
but people cannot obtain a mortgage, even though they are well able to afford
it. Councils are strapped and cannot afford to keep offering subsidised housings
the community at a level to ensure that the tenants can still enjoy their holidays
There’s a skill shortage so how about training the young people on social
welfare in house building skills while they build their own ‘flat’ - a sort of pay as
you go. Not only would they have somewhere to live which you can be sure they
would look after (they built it), but would also give them a skill to get work plus
a realization that in today’s world you get very little for free and work calls for a
disciplined life.
They could built sports facilities (no vandalism) and get involved in other works.
A win-win situation. . . .if you can get them to work.
Plantworx 2013 - Lighthouse Club
Going to Plantworx 2013? You should, if only to see how different it is from SED (if
any). The team has done a good job in getting exhibitors on board. Now they have
to convince sceptics that it is a show worth visiting.
If you are going, would you be interested in participating in a special Lighthouse
Club Dinner - a fun filled evening to raise money for a very worthwhile charity
to help those injured and bereaved as a result of an accident in the construction
industry? The planned date is Tuesday May 14th at a venue close to where
Plantworx will be taking place. So now you have two good reasons to visit
Stoneleigh Park.
If you are planning to visit Plantworx and would like to be kept informed about
the Lighthouse Club dinner and other events
and I will ensure you are on
the appropriate mailing lists.
Roger Lindley
Publisher / Editor
Page 4
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7