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High value opportunities for UK
firms celebrated as government
announces Green Deal as
infrastructure guarantee candidate
The Government has announced that the Green Deal will
be an early candidate for the UK Infrastructure Guarantees
The UK Trade & Investment Infrastructure Summit held
at Lancaster House brought together business leaders from
across the world to debate emerging trends, examine best
practice and identify opportunities across infrastructure
sectors – Construction, Water, Airports and Rail.
The sessions focused on large scale urban regeneration
projects, looking at sustainability in design, operation and
equipment provision, and high-value opportunities in
high-growth markets. Chairman of the Olympic Delivery
Authority, Sir John Armitt, spoke on the subject of urban
regeneration of the Olympic Park area during a discussion
session on construction. Other speakers included Dr Uwe
Krueger, CEO of Atkins, and Paul Skinner, Chairman of
Infrastructure UK.
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “Today’s
announcements are a welcome boost to British business.
This is an exciting time for the UK infrastructure sector
companies are winning contracts across the world as
British skills and expertise are becoming a trademark of the
industry’s excellence and quality.
Our construction sector is one
of the world’s biggest and best which
means UK-based companies are ideally
placed to build on these excellent
At the summit, Chief Secretary to
the Treasury, Danny Alexander (left),
set out progress on UK Guarantees,
announced on 18 July, which will
provide guarantees for major UK
infrastructure projects and could
potentially support up to £40 billion of investment. He
announced that the Green Deal will be an early candidate
for this programme.
Danny Alexander said “Our early action to get a grip
of the public finances is allowing us to support up to £40
billion worth of UK infrastructure investment by putting
our hard-won fiscal credibility behind major projects. To
ensure public-private partnership projects can proceed
without delay, we are also launching a temporary lending
programme that could benefit up to £6 billion worth
of projects. Already we have had over 30 expressions of
interest in the UK Guarantees scheme and we continue to
receive more on a daily basis.
I am pleased to announce that the Green Deal will be
an early candidate for the use of these guarantees. The
Green Deal is the largest ever programme for investing
in the energy efficiency of our housing stock and we are
looking at whether and how a guarantee could help ensure
that the finances are in place to get the programme off to a
very strong start. The deals my colleagues are announcing
show that the UK is already in a strong position and the
work we are doing on infrastructure will strengthen this
further still.”
Technology alliance with Thames Water
Bluewater Bio International, a provider of innovative water
and wastewater technologies to projects such as Bahrain’s
biggest sewage treatment plant, announced that it has
entered into a technology alliance with Thames Water, the
UK’s largest water and sewerage company.
T h e S e c r e t a r y o f S t a t e f o r
the Env i ronment addres sed the
conference on the topic of water
UK E n v i r o nme n t S e c r e t a r y
Caroline Spelman (right) said, “Access
to clean water is a critical issue for
every nation on this planet. Within
the next 20 years, 3 billion people will
be living in water-stressed countries
Photo: Peter Symonds
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