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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7
This is a serious side to the event and the organizers have insisted that all those that exhibit will be Thatcham (or
other recognised security standard subject to approval) accredited and approved companies.
Training and Education is another key area of the show. This zone was an idea borne out of a lack of apprentices
within the construction sector and aims to encourage new blood into the industry, educate companies as to what courses
are available across the UK, what grants are available to help fund the employment of apprentices, and enlist the support
of the construction industry’s movers and shakers.
To Visit of Not to Visit
Plantworx is a must for everyone in the industry who should make plans to visit Plantworx 2013 if for no reason other
than that they are guaranteed to see the very latest in plant, equipment and accessories. This is because it follows close
on the heels of the major tri-annual event in Germany, Bauma 2013 - which has become the global launch platform for
latest technology, innovations, plant and equipment.
This will not necessarily be the case at the Plantworx 2015, which follows on from the French event ‘Intermat’ which
has lost some of its lustre, and is not attracting the number of visitors of the past.
The CEA is very keen for this to be seen as ‘by the industry, for the industry” so if you have any questions or concerns
over visiting, what will be on display, what to expect, etc direct them through this magazine or directly with the CEA of
the Plantworx team.
As I have already said, the show is very much a work in progress so have little detail other than the list of exhibitors,
which is impressive for a ‘first time’ event. Some companies are missing but this is no criticism of Plantworx but simple
long standing corporate policy of not supporting any promotional opportunity in its first year.
Should you be planning on visiting and require overnight accommodation, then I suggest you make a reservation as
soon as possible as there are other events (agricultural) also taking place at the Stoneleigh Showgrounds at the same
time, so extra demand for accommodation.
Want to be kept informed?
Once in the new year, Contractors World - UK & Ireland edition will be further developing our news feed in the run-up to
the event. To ensure you receive our regular updates, click the link below or follow editorials in this magazine.
Support the Lighthouse Club
Contractors World are also in the preliminary stages of organizing a dinner to raise much needed funds for the Lighthouse
Club on the evening of the 14th May at a venue close to the showgrounds.
The Lighthouse Club event at SED was well supported for many years, and Contractors World is working with the
Lighthouse Club to resurrect it. If past events are anything to go by, this event will quickly sell out as the number of
places is restricted.
If this would be of interest please email
there is no commitment at this stage as we have
yet to finalise details, costs, etc. or the link below.
Tens of thousands of visitors to Bauma
wait patiently for the doors to open. No
one can question the success of Bauma
as the organisers turn it into a global
brand - Bauma China, bC India, Bauma
Africa, etc..
Bauma Munich in 2013 will probably
attract in excess of 500,000 visitors.