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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7
It is this simple approach that lies
behind Bauma, ConExpo, Intermat
and other events around the world.
Exhibitors and visitors do not like to
be too organised.
Plantworx - a work in
When first announced, Plantworx
did emphasise the need to ‘keep it
simple’ but also said that right up
to opening of the first event, it will
be very much a work in progress.
The inaugural PLANTWORX construction and machinery
exhibition, hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) takes place from the 14th to the 16th May 2013,
Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.
If Contractors World, and people within the industry we have spoken to have any concerns, it is that ‘simple’ is in
danger of becoming ‘complicated’. The Plantworx Team (comprising of, among others, some key people who were
involved with SED) told Contractors World “The organising team is busy finalising plans for the show’s different zones
to ensure that PLANTWORX is not just another construction machinery show – but an event that will provide both the
visitor and the exhibitor a show that ticks all the boxes and has all bases covered.”
It is a brave move to introduce specialist zones when there is little evidence to show that such works (it did not for
SED). The Plantworx team says “...not just another construction machinery show”. Why not? That is what the country
wants. When SED was a construction show, pure and simple, it was a success . . it gradually evolved into something that
the visitors simply said is ‘a step to far’ and stayed away.
Leigh Sparrow of Vertikal Press has the right idea and realised that ‘basic is best’. Take a look at Vertikal Days. A
grassy (or muddy) field with exhibitors restricted in what they can do and not do in the way of stands, etc. - no chance for
one-upmanship . . .and yet it is growing year by year.
As industry professional, Nick Johnson, has advised the Plantworx organizers to keep the demonstrations simply and
practical, and, as far as possible, given current H&S regulations, enable visitors to try the machines.
Simon Frere-Cook, PLANTWORX Exhibition Director said, “In these current economic climes, companies are looking
Early days - SED at Hatfield. Simple ropes
and not a hi-viz to be seen.
SED at its peak. Nothing complicated in the site layout, it was just
a simple case of walking up and down each aisle to see everything.
It then moved to Rockingham where the organization changed -
simple became complicated