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As the countdown begins for
Plantworx 2013, Contractors World
editor, Roger Lindley, takes a critical
view over planning and exhibitors
Where Others Have Failed?
The temporary trackways are littered with events that exceeded their ‘sell by date’, were ill conceived or simply did not
receive the support they could have deserved. Many readers will remember the ICE Exhibitions and the fateful event at
SED from the triumphant days in a field at Hatfield, to wallabies invading the exhibition at Whipsnade, the years
at Fen Farm, Milton Keynes where the first cracks began to appear and the fateful move to Rockingham with it traffic
congestion, charges and other changes as the organizers tried to move it on from the basic premise - a showground for
exhibitors to show their equipment.
There was the fateful event at Excel at which exhibitors harangued the organizer in his office demanding money back.
And the Site Equipment Show never got off the ground . . it has never been cancelled but postponed indefinitely. I am
not sure what the difference is, probably something to do with return of deposits.
So now we have Plantworx 2013. Will it be worth visiting? Definitely one to book into the calendar for 2013. Will it
deliver on promises? That remains to be seen if they can stick to founding principles of keeping it simple.
State of the industry has little effect on well
planned events.
Economic indicators continue to show the dire position of the
construction industry, within the UK where output is down by 10%
on last year, and across Europe generally.
And yet, somewhat contradictory, trade events such as Bauma
are already oversubscribed and have a waiting list and, if
scarce availability of hotel rooms in and around Munich is anything
to go by, visitors numbers will also be as high as usual. In other
words, in excess of 400,000.
In its hey-days, SED was THE event in the UK with good demonstrations, place
to dig, wide open aisles in straight lines so it was easy to navigate.
Photo: Nick Johnson
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7