Page 16 - Contractors World - UK & Ireland Edition Vol 2 No 7

Page 16
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7
km of access track
completed at Carraig
Gheal Wind Farm
Despite works not commencing on this
project until Autumn 2011, C A Blackwell
have successfully completed 36 km of access
track construction along with a significant
section of the Wind Farm site.
This has permitted wind turbine deliveries
to commence at our Carraig Gheal wind
farm site earlier this month.
T h e f i r s t o f 2 0 w i n d t u r b i n e s
were delivered successfully recently
photograph) from the Wind Towers factory
at Machrihanish to the Carraig Gheal Wind Farm site NW of Loch
Awe. The 20 turbine 46 MW wind farm developed by GreenPower has been under construction since last year and is
scheduled to be finished in early 2013.
The first load comprising blades, a nacelle and the first tower section from Wind Towers Ltd made the journey
overnight to avoid traffic disruption on the A83 and A816 before completing its journey on the new West Loch Awe
Timber Haul Route to the site at Fernoch Farm.
John Morgan, Director of GreenPower said, “I’m delighted that after many years working on the wind farm
design, taking it through planning and preparing the site, we now have the first turbines ready to go up. Transporting
the turbines to the site has taken a big logistical effort, with the construction of 28 km of new forest road to reach
the wind farm. It was a great moment when the first batch of Siemens and Wind Towers components arrived at the
start of the timber haul route at dawn following their overnight journey from Machrihanish. As a Scottish company
we are particularly pleased to see the towers manufactured here in Argyll supporting local jobs and investment in
the process.”
The deliveries will continue for 8-10 weeks running Sun-Thu with two convoys running per night, starting at
around midnight with approximately 2 hours in-between each delivery.
Setting new fashion in mini
cranes at Selfridges
A UNIC mini crane was hired from lifting specialists
GGR Group recently to take on a more unusual
lifting challenge at one of London’s most famous
and popular shopping destinations. The spider crane
assisted in erecting a giant statue of iconic Japanese
artist Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges department store
on Oxford Street.
The fibreglass creation was installed above
Selfridges’ main entrance to launch their new
windows scheme and concept store which
showcase the highly anticipated collaboration
between fashion brand Louis Vuitton and Yayoi
The mini crane lifted the 500 kg sculpture with
precision to a height of 10.5 metres. The 2.9 tonne capacity
mini crane worked efficiently overnight to lift the bubble-wrapped 6 metre tall model which features Kusama’s signature
polka dot design.
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