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authorised dealer in South West England. The
excavator and grab will be integral to a new 12-
man picking station to be built at the St Philips
MRF, for which McCarthy’s has been granted
planning permission with the backing of the
Environment Agency and the local council.
Kevin McCarthy added: “At present, we
are committed to recycling around 90% of the
waste we handle, recovering materials such
as wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals,
plastics, cardboard and hardcore. We had
started planning for our new picking station
more than two years ago, but in May 2012,
the Government increased the tax we have
to pay for storing waste in landfills from £2.50 to £64 a tonne, so the new picking
station will help us to avoid the vast increase in costs, whilst meeting our target of ‘Zero to Landfill’ in two years.”
Complement environmental objectives
Complementing the obvious environmental advantages to the local community offered by the new picking station, over
new solar power panels are being installed on the roof of the new facility and these will provide power for the new
shredder and screening machines in the picking station, allowing it to run with close to zero carbon emissions in the
Further expansion is planned by McCarthy Waste Management. Kevin McCarthy said: “The new picking station
should take 3 months to construct and once that is up and running, we’ll be looking to establish an additional operation,
probably in the south of Bristol to make it easier for contractors to deliver waste for us to process. In time, we would
also hope to complement this with another facility in the west of Bristol.”
The Doosan DX140LC crawler excavator is ideal for a wide range of excavation and general construction applications.
The 6-cylinder Doosan engine and e-EPOS operating system provide optimum productivity, controllability and fuel
economy. Weight balance is optimised to achieve higher lifting capacity and breakout force, while the class-leading ROPS
cab offers unbeatable comfort and excellent all-round visibility.
Powered by a diesel engine providing 71 kW (95 HP) at a maximum governed speed of 1,850 RPM, the it has a
maximum digging depth of 5,645 mm, a dump height of 8,675 mm and a maximum digging reach of 8,300 mm.
Intended for use on carriers weighing 13 to 15 tonne, the design and clamping force of the Montabert HGR13
Handling Grapple makes it an excellent 360º tool, providing dramatically reduced loading times for sorting and moving a
wide variety of materials including construction and demolition debris and general domestic waste and rubbish.
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 7
Operator satisfaction prompts repeat business
On the operators’ recommendation, a brand new Volvo L150G loading shovel has been delivered to Bathgate Silica Sand,
Arclid, Cheshire and takes over as the prime mover at the Company’s soil and sand mixing plant.
Operator preference and a sound track record for after-market support were the main drivers in determining the
choice of the latest arrival according to Bathgate’s
General Manager Dave Robinson. “There’s no doubt my
operators favour the Volvo product, especially now with
the enhancements to the cab of the G series machine
in terms of added comfort and increased visibility,” he
said. “Once again we’ve decided to invest in a Volvo
service agreement for the new L150G for complete
peace of mind.”
In charge of Bathgate’s soil and sand blending plant,
the L150G will re-handle incoming soils and sands for
blending, as well as load out lorries.
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