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The publication will be used by CECA in its meetings with MPs and other senior political figures during forthcoming party conferences, and in the run-up to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

Its headline recommendations are to:

  • Develop cross-party consensus on nationally-significant infrastructure policy and a long-term delivery programme
  • Rebalance infrastructure investment across the UK
  • Ensure appropriate finance and funding models are in place to meet future investment needs
  • Provide immediate short-term funding to boost shovel-ready repair and maintenance activity.

   Commenting, CECA director of external affairs Alasdair Reisner (left) said: “Our members have told us the steps that government can and should take now to get the economy back on track and return UK plc to growth.

“We also want to see future investment in infrastructure more evenly balanced across the UK, helping to rebuild local economies throughout the country. To do this, we will need to attract new forms of funding and finance, something that can only be achieved with appropriate models in place.

“Finally, where there are opportunities to deliver more direct boosts to growth and industry activity these must be grasped. CECA is asking the government to direct new resources through existing infrastructure repair and maintenance contracts to provide an immediate shot in the arm to the economy.”


Young talent signals investment in JCB’s future

JCB is creating more than 100 jobs for young people with the recruitment of apprentices, graduates and undergraduates as the company develops its next generation of engineering and manufacturing talent.

Recently a total of 55 higher, advanced and craft apprentices joined the business. And in a milestone development, 15 of those apprentices include the first intake from the JCB Academy, which was set up in 2010 to create the engineers and business leaders of the future.

A further 30 graduates covering manufacturing, powertrain, business and purchasing disciplines start work. These are in addition to 18 engineering undergraduates, sponsored by JCB, who joined the company for their year in industry.

The apprentices, graduates and undergraduates have been recruited as part of a £3.5 million investment in a ‘Young Talent’ programme.

JCB Chairman Sir Anthony Bamford, the inspiration behind the setting up of the JCB Academy, said: “Investing in new talent is vital for the future success of any business. I’m particularly pleased to welcome JCB’s first recruits from the JCB Academy where they have benefited from working on real-life engineering projects to prepare them for the world of work.”

Miles Pixley, JCB’s HR Manager for Technical Excellence and Core Skills said: “The graduate and apprenticeship places were very highly sought after and we received hundreds of applications from across the UK to be part of the programme. JCB places huge importance on developing workforce skills and the recruitment and development of young talent will ensure we are well placed to grow our business in the future.”

Graduate training programmes will focus on developing expertise in powertrains, manufacturing, engineering, business and finance. The apprenticeship programme includes a brand new Higher Apprenticeship Scheme which offers the opportunity for 14 youngsters to study to degree level while working in design, technical service support and manufacturing roles. The craft and advanced apprenticeships will develop skills in mechanical and electrical maintenance, tool making and welding.

JCB Academy Principal Jim Wade said: “The JCB Academy was established to develop employability skills amongst young people and to enable them to achieve great academic and technical qualifications. We are really pleased that many of our young people are moving on to apprenticeships with many of the key employers across the region, such as Rolls-Royce, JCB, Nestle, Bentley Motors as well as KMF, WD Tankers and B&B Tractors to name just a few.

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Luke McFall, of Stafford (extreme right) has joined JCB as part of a Young Talent Recruitment programme. He is pictured with new apprentices (from left to right) Joshua Machin, 16, of Stoke-on-Trent; Leila Worsey, of Derby; Holly Broadhurst, 18, of Leek and Joshua Cornes,16, of Stoke-on-Trent.
Luke McFall, of Stafford (extreme right) has joined JCB as part of a Young Talent Recruitment programme. He is pictured with new apprentices (from left to right) Joshua Machin, 16, of Stoke-on-Trent; Leila Worsey, of Derby; Holly Broadhurst, 18, of Leek and Joshua Cornes,16, of Stoke-on-Trent.

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