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Out & About

New Holland telehandlers are an essential part of the fleet of equipment used by Wise Recycling Limited in Cork, IrelandNew Holland telehandlers are an essential part of the fleet of equipment used by Wise Recycling Limited in Cork, Ireland






All three machines work continuous eight-hour shifts for Wiser Recycling’s owner Eoin O’Brien (left), where economy and productivity are key characteristics.

“The power of the machines is very impressive; they are fast and highly manoeuvrable, which brings down the cost of baling. Our tonnage costs have come down considerably since we started using them”, says Mr O’Brien.

“The manoeuvrability of the telehandler is very good and the powershift transmission is very useful for pushing back the baled material” continues Mr O’Brien.

Despite the machines’ high output, fuel economy is remarkably good, the L223 skid steer for example operating for two full days without refuelling.

Dwain O’Sullivan, who operates the L223 skid steer eight hours a day, is impressed with the comfort and safety of his surroundings: “It’s fast, very stable, and has great lifting capacity and the controls are well thought-out. It’s also very good for safety – in the cab ,visibility is excellent so you know what’s going on around you and there’s plenty of space and lots of legroom making it comfortable to work in all day.”

Wiser Recycling use a mixture of attachments, including bale grabs, waste grapples, tine rakes, sweepers and various buckets to lift, carry and scoop the different types of loose and baled waste.

Click here for more information >>> New Holland             >>> Wise Recycling

new Bobcat E26 zero tail swing excavatorSheffield

Bobcat helps protect newts and habitat

The leading newt fencing and wildlife habitat management specialist, Legacy Habitat Management Limited, based in Sheffield, has expanded the company’s fleet of equipment with a new Bobcat E26 zero tail swing excavator purchased from Wakefield-based MTS Group, the Bobcat dealer for North, South and West Yorkshire.

With over 60 km of fencing installed in 2011, Legacy Habitat Management is the leading installer of newt fencing and one of the major suppliers of fencing to protect the habitats of newts, water voles, badgers, otters, snakes and other species.

continued  >>>

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