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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
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First trainload of
excavated material from
Crossrail’s tunnels
The first trainload of excavated material
from Crossrai l ’s tunnels has left west
London and been delivered to Northfleet in
The first 13 wagon train left Crossrail’s
Westbourne Park site for Northfleet after
it was loaded with 492 tonnes of earth. A
further two trains have departed this week.
Over the next six weeks, two trains a
week will run a return journey between
Crossrail’s tunnel entrance near Paddington
and Northfleet. Later in the summer the
trains will increase in size to 27 wagons
and run three times a day. At the peak of
tunnelling up to five freight trains a day will operate from Westbourne Park carrying a total of 7,000 tonnes of earth.
From Northfleet, the material will be transferred by ship to regeneration sites, including a new RSPB nature reserve at
Wallasea Island, Essex. The first shipload of excavated material will be delivered to Wallasea Island in the summer.
More than 1 million tonnes of earth will be excavated during the tunnelling construction of Crossrail’s 6.4 km western
tunnels between Royal Oak Portal and Farringdon station. Transporting excavated material from our western tunnels via
train and boat has removed at least 50,000 lorry journeys from central London.
Andy Alder, Crossrail’s Western Tunnels Project Manager said, “At the peak, the tunnelling machines constructing
the western tunnels will extract 7,000 tonnes of excavated material a day from underneath the streets of London. This
excavated material will be used help create a RSPB nature reserve at Wallasea Island that will be enjoyed for generations
to come.”
Crossrail will excavate about 6 million tonnes of material during the construction of stations and its 21km of twin-bore
tunnel. Close to 100% of the excavated material is expected to be clean, uncontaminated and reusable elsewhere.
First Liebherr mobile for Cadman
Cadman Cranes has taken delivery of a Liebherr LTM
1070-4.2 with high specifications. An extremely compact
four-axle 8x6x8 all-terrain crane, equipped with a 50 m
telescopic boom, this model has been supplied with a
9.5-17 m double wrap-around fly-jib which can be offset
to 0°, 20°, 40° and 60°.
The fly-jib also has an integrated 3.2 m assembly jib with
a set of sheaves and which can also be offset to 0°, 20°,
40° and 60°.
A 38.3 tonnes hookblock with 3 sheaves and a 16.90
tonnes hookblock with 1 sheave have also been supplied
and the 10.70 tonnes basic counter weight is augmented
by an additional 3.80 tonnes of ballast.
Main boom maximum under-hook-height is 50 metres
and the lifting capacity is an optimum 0.8 tonnes at 44
metres radius. With maximum fly, the under-hook-height attains 65 metres with a 0.7 tonnes capacity at 48 metres
working radius.
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