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JCB shows the way with CESAR marking
from breakers
JCB today stepped up the battle against construction equipment theft
by announcing that seven models in its Hammermaster hydraulic
breaker ranges are to get CESAR marking as standard.
JCB say that this move means, the first major manufacturer to make
CESAR standard on its construction range in 2007, is the only company
to offer the anti-theft marking system on its breakers in the UK.
Paul Hartshorn, Director and General Manager of JCB Attachments,
said, “This move is in direct response to our customers, who have
asked us to come up with an effective anti-theft deterrent for their
“Theft of attachments is an ever-growing and often uninsurable
problem for our customers and is having a big impact. By registering
the breakers with CESAR we are aligning our hammers with the JCB
carrier machines which are already protected by CESAR and Datatag
Datatag has developed a special marking system to cope with
the demanding application and working conditions that a hydraulic
breaker will encounter. This includes a tamper evident triangular
registration plate, with a unique number for each breaker. Radio
frequency identification (RFID) transponders are installed on the
hammer, along with uniquely numbered ultra-destruct labels with additional covert marking.
“We wanted to ensure that we had a durable security marking solution and so we developed the new system in
conjunction with leading hirer Clee Hill Plant,” says Chris Harrison, Datatag’s Sales Director.
“We have had a security system working on Clee Hill breakers for over a year and so we’re confident about the
durability of the CESAR breaker system.”
In response to customer demand
JCB Attachments offers a range of 15 hydraulic breakers, to suit its full line of minis, JS excavators, skid steers and backhoe
loaders. CESAR will initially be offered on the HM100, HM100Q, HM140, HM140Q, HM166Q, HM266Q and the HM386Q
in response to specific customer request. Additional models may be added at a later date to meet customer demand.
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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
All-New Prolec Product Range
The first product models from an entirely new modular range focused on machine safety have now been
introduced. At the heart of the new system is an innovative, patented new platform concept called the
Prolec Machine Engine (PME). This technology can control a vast range of equipment types by deploying
sophisticated modelling strategies to precisely determine machine positioning.
Within the PME platform, which sits at the heart of the new Prolec Safety
Controller, core software processes sensor data to model exact positional references.
This real time machine position allows safer operation across an array of equipment
functions including lifting safety, height and slew control, overturning protection,
reach control and cab protection.
The Prolec Safety Controller can be installed on virtually any piece of construction
plant to instantly deliver access to a range of safety solutions. When combined with Prolec’s all-
new intelligent operator interface the systems that can be deployed are almost unlimited.
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