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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
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Editorial Comment
Will they? Wont they?
Government promises
Nuclear power stations are now back on the
Government agenda but we’ve been there
before - grandiose schemes only to end in tears as
the major backers walk away.
I don’t know why, but this time I am a little more optimistic. Probably
because the Government is under pressure to do something to create jobs
and stimulate the economy. Unfortunately, the sting in the tail is that every
electricity consumer is going to have to pay for it with higher bills. Not good for
the aging population, many of whom are already in fuel poverty.
I also have a sneaking suspicion that there is increasing interest in the
development of a new airport in the Thames estuary. Now that Boris is back he
will be a driving force and as the article in this issue on Crossrail shows, it will
soon be fast and easy to get from across London to a new airport.
Congratulations to all the contractors and suppliers involved in creating
the Olympic Park. My only regret is that I was not permitted to report on the
excellent work they have done. It is a little ironic that, having reported on
Olympic sites since 1984. the one on my doorstep made it virtually impossible
to do detailed site reports
Contractors World take a further step
Contractors World magazines are now established as an industry leading
digital magazine, in a format that the industry have learnt to accept and
fully appreciate. Having established the magazines, it is now time to further
advance the titles..
We have now established comprehensive advertising sales management
services providing worldwide coverage.
The Media Sales House is a comparatively new, London-based company
with an innovative approach to marketing and representing trade magazines.
Not only are they able to recognise and develop unique opportunities, but they
also have the entrepreneurial flair to help Contractors World rapidly grow their
magazine portfolio.
This will be done under the guidance of Paul Robertshaw acting as Global
Advertising Director for Contractors World Magazines
With Paul (The Media Sales House) on board, Contractors World Magazines
can more quickly develop and advance e-magazine technology to further
increase reader enjoyment and interaction, for the benefit of advertisers.
Roger Lindley
Publisher / Editor