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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
Fuel Costs Threaten
Infrastructure Recovery
Rising fuel costs are putt ing a f ledgl ing
recovery in the infrastructure sector at
risk, according to the UK’s civil engineering
The 12 t h annua l C i v i l Eng i nee r i ng
Contractors Association (CECA) costs trend
survey has been published. The survey shows
that the cost of fuels continues to race well
ahead of general inflation in the economy,
putting companies delivering improvements to
the UK’s transport and utility networks at risk.
In April CECA members from across the
country provided detailed information about
how their costs for 20 key inputs have changed
over the course of the last year.
T h e s u r v e y r e v e a l e d t h a t , wh i l e
employment cost inflation is well below the
historic average, prices for the diesel and gas
oil that power the industry have continued to
escalate, up an average of 8.5 and 8.4 per cent
While this represents a slight reduction
on last year’s figures (10.4 per cent for both
fuels), the rises are still far in excess of general
inflation in the economy. With tender prices
only just starting to rise again after three
years of steep falls, the impact of these fuel
price rises continues to squeeze struggling
contractors’ margins.
Commenting on the results, CECA director
of external affairs Alasdair Reisner said, “the
government has correctly recognised that the
infrastructure sector will play a central role in
rebuilding the economy, reducing congestion
and improving the delivery of services to
businesses around the UK.
“However, while much is being asked of the
industry in terms of delivery of these essential
infrastructure improvements, the companies
involved are seeing sharp cost increases
at a time when their tender prices remain
“While industry will seek solutions to this
squeeze, it cannot sustain this situation for the
“Over the coming months CECA will be
seeking to work with government and others,
to consider potential innovative approaches
to tackle fuel cost escalation for the sector.”
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Lighthouse Club
The Lighthouse Club has given life
and hope back to hundreds, if not
thousands of people over the years
by providing f inancial support
to those injured or to bereaved
families. Over the years, the club
has distributed £7 million.
Throughout the country, and in other parts of the world,
members of the community, mostly associated with the
construction industry, give up their free time to organise fund
raising events for the local region.
The Club’s and the Fund’s officers are all volunteers, thus
the fund distributes, as direct aid, over 95 pence of every
pound it receives. A figure unequalled by any charity of a
similar size.
Safety has significantly improved on construction sites since
the charity was first set up by Eddie Ward in late 1956, the very
nature of the construction industry means that accidents are
inevitable. The Lighthouse Club received charitable status in
More work to be done
As with any charity demands often outstrips the ability of
the charity to meet all requests so there is a constant drive
for people to get involved at local level. There are 21 local
branches covering the England, Wales, Scotland, Northern
Ireland and Ireland.
Even if you are unable to help in a direct way, you can
always give encouragement by participating in the many fund
raising events. We can all play our part.
Lighthouse Club at Hillhead
The Nottingham branch of the Lighthouse Club has a stand
at Hillhead and Contractors World magazines and filtration
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If you are finding the economic situation a little tough at
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their own, are trying to cope with life while recovering from
serious injuries.