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Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
New to Hillhead, filtration
specialists, AB Components
Supplying Filters and accessories to different types of industry, but
particularly the construction Industry, AB Components (ABC) will
show a selection of their range and can be found near the Lighthouse
Club Stand, a charity with which they are heavily involved.
ABC supply Original Equipment qual ity from the leading
filtration manufactures across the world and at Hillhead will be
supported by one of their largest suppliers, Donaldson Filters, one
of the few filter companies that manufacture here in the UK.
Managing director, James Edgar, started his filtration career over
20 years ago at Crosland Filters, a name readily recognised but which
sadly ceased production a couple of years ago, he has seen filters alter greatly in that time but at
ABC he demands the highest quality but at competitive prices.
Filters aren’t exactly glamorous things, yet the job of holding back contamination of one sort or another means they
are essential to the good health of your machinery. As machinery becomes more sophisticated, the demands on the
filters increase and the number of filters increases!
Filter technology has advanced as fast as other parts on plant and equipment and ABC works closely with the filter
manufacturers that supply original equipment filters to the vehicle manufacturers.
Equipment can have as many as 17 filters fitted to it, this is never mentioned when you are looking at buying your new
vehicle, the services costs only become apparent later down the line.
New filters like AD-Blue have been fitted to reduce emissions, but are machines becoming too complicated as many of
the AD-Blue tanks have been filled with diesel by drivers unaware of the changing technology.
ABC works with its clients so everyone has a greater understanding and knowledge of filters. They will be exhibiting
their range of “Fuel Bulk Tank Housing” and associated accessories which help eliminate water and fuel contamination
problems for both tanks, bowsers , seasonal vehicles and machinery.
“One stop shop” is a name that is banded about too easily but ABC has a growing reputation of delivering this service,
they listen to the customer requirements, and tailor the options accordingly.
Contractors World at
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what is in the pipeline and other interesting information which we look forward to sharing with our readers.
If you should happen to see one of our badges, please stop us and introduce yourself. If is always nice to meet
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Don’t forget the free competition
Also please drop by our friends on the Lighthouse Club stand and enter the free
competition (UK residents only) to win one of several scale models - sponsored by AB
Components and Contractors World. Although entry is free, someone will probably shake
a bucket in front of you. Please give generously!
The Lighthouse Club does an excellent service helping those injured, or families
bereaved by a fatality, to cope with hardship.