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T h e n e w
model s feature
w a t e r - c o o l e d
4 - c y l i n d e r
KUBOTA d i e s e l
engines, meeting
European stage
3 A e m i s s i o n
They feature,
for the first time
o n a t a n d e m
roller, integrated
‘ r e a l t i m e ’
c o m p a c t i o n
me a s u r eme n t .
T h e ‘ B O M A G
s y s t e m ,
previous ly only
available on reversible vibrating plate compactors, can reduce fuel consumption and emission by up to 25%. The system
enables continuous control of the compaction process. An increasing number of illuminated yellow light emitting diodes
(LED) on the display indicate increased compaction under the machine.
A powerful exciter system has 0.5 mm amplitude and a high performance, low loss, hydraulic circuit provides superior
compaction performance. The compaction drum diameter is now 900 mm, up from 810 mm, to provide an even better
surface quality.
The 3 new tandems feature high capacity water tanks for the sprinkler system, holding up to 310 litres. The
combination of a water-saving concept, fine spray nozzles, and automatic sprinkler control minimizes water consumption.
This means less frequent, time consuming tank refills. A reliable membrane pump supplies the drums with water. The
spring-actuated scrapers give optimum distribution of water, and are easily accessible and quick to clean.
BOMAG BM 500/15 milling machines makes debut
The BM 500/15 compact milling machine has everything you would expect of a BOMAG, technology, durability, a long
service life, the good milling quality, and good ergonomics. Particularly striking is the new roller technology and the
completely new operating concept.
The BM 500/15 is the first compact milling machine that is controlled from a comfortable, ergonomically designed
sitting position. The work station, including all operating controls, is isolated from vibration and all operating controls can
be accessed in a sitting position. A swivel seat provides the optimum view to the loading truck or the milled edge.
It features the new range of ‘quick-change’ milling drums with their innovative geometry. The teeth are arranged to
ensure homogeneous, low vibration cutting. The special geometry of the edge cutter generates a smooth edge with a
minimum of damage.
New diagonal cutters protect the shell tube when working around bends and prevent abrasion to the bracket at the
edges. These cutter supports are fitted in precisely milled pockets which transfer power better, and give longer service
life than standard cutter supports. The cutters can be knocked out from the rear quickly and easily.
Alan Batty Managing Director of Bomag (G.B.) Limited said. “Although best known for our extensive range of
compaction machines, BOMAG is now
a serious competitor in the milling and
paving markets and the new BM 500/15
is an important addition to our range
as it opens up many new applications
at a time when the general emphasis is
on small to medium sized road repair