Page 31 - Contractors World -UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4 (May 2012)

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Lumaphore temporary lighting range. Offering customers high fuel economy, ease
of use and substantial cost savings, the product portfolio offers a varied selection
of lighting options to suit many quarrying and mining projects. Amongst this range,
ArcGen Hilta will be exhibiting the SL-55 Lumaphore, the company’s latest soft light
solution. Following design approval and testing, the New Product Development team
has adapted its latest soft light system, the Lumaphore, to work in conjunction with
the company’s market leading SMC SL-90 lighting tower, creating the SL-55.
With a straightforward retrofit of Lumaphore soft lamps on to the SL-90,
replacing the traditional metal halides, the resulting soft light system provides 4 x
640W lamps compared to the traditional offer of 3 x 1000W by balloon style lamps,
therefore providing a serviceable lighting tower with soft light capacity. The soft
light capabilities of the SL-55 make it perfect for quarrying and mining projects
either underground or during hours of darkness, as it offers reduced glare for
projects workers without diminished light quality.
Page 31
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
Efficient large
scale dust
systems from
UK company, Corgin, are specialists in helping control environmental issues and their involvement at Hillhead 2012
enables them to show and demonstrate the efficiency of their dust control systems for applications in quarries,
demolition and waste recycling applications.
Mobile ‘Mist Cannons’ (fog cannons) provide a means for suppressing dust on a large scale, with the generation and
propulsion of a giant plume of fine water mist.
This year Corgin are introducing the exclusive, Swedish-made Duztech range of mist cannons to the UK market for the
first time. Robustly made and yet competitively priced, these units represent exceptional value for money - an obvious
advantage in a difficult economic climate where environmental compliance is a must.
Duztech products have a number of unique features and benefits, such as a built-in silencer for noise reduction,
nozzles with ruby inserts for wear resistance, automatic wide-angle swivel (330°) and tilt (60°) function. Remote control
operation, frost protection and wheel-mounting options are also available.
Throw can be up to 80 m with water in-pressure of 2 - 10 bar. Working output pressure up to 30 bar.