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NAF, Parker and Rexroth for extreme off-road performance.
Like all Doosan ADTs, the DA40 has permanent 6-wheel drive for equal power distribution while the free-swinging
rear tandem bogie and the special articulation system ensure superior rough and soft terrain capabilities.
Powered by the 6-cylinder Scania DC13 Stage IIIB compliant diesel engine with a gross power output of 368 kW (500
HP) at 2100 rpm, the ADT offers a 10% increase in engine power compared to the previous MT41 model.
With a 22% increase in gross torque to 2373 Nm (1750 lb ft) at 1300 rpm, the torque available in the DA40 is ‘best in
class’ in the ADT market. The DA40 delivers lower fuel consumption with a higher top speed of 58 km/h (36 mph).
It has an increased body capacity of 24.4 m³, and the payload has been boosted to 40 metric tonne without tailgate,
an increase of more than 15% over the payload of the MT41.
New Doosan High Capacity Telehandlers
The new Doosan high capacity telehandler range comprises four models offering maximum lift heights up to 10 m and
lifting capacities from 7 to 21 tonne. The latest Doosan high capacity telehandlers combine the flexibility of telescopic
handlers with the power of wheeled loaders, the efficiency of rough terrain forklifts and the reach of mobile cranes.
They can be combined with many more attachments than comparable cranes or forklifts, allowing the operator to use
one machine for carrying out jobs that would normally require two or more different machines. Using buckets up to 4.5
m³ in volume, the Doosan high capacity telehandlers are well suited to loading applications.
Doosan will be showing the DT160 which has a maximum lift height of 10.2 m and maximum forward reach of 5.15
m, with a maximum lift capacity of 16 tonne. It is powered by the Perkins 1106D-ETA diesel engine providing 146 kW of
power at 2200 rpm.
New Bobcat E26 Compact Excavator
In the same year that Bobcat celebrates 25 years of success in the compact excavator
market, this is the first appearance for the E26 model at Hillhead. Replacing the 425,
428 and 430 models, the E26 offers all the advantages of Bobcat’s state-of-the-art
E Series, namely high reliability, exceptional operator comfort, smooth and precise
workgroup operation and superior hydraulic performance.
In addition, the E26 offers increased stability, optimised operating weight for
towing and low noise and vibration, complemented by new features and technologies
that are not available in many other compact excavators on the market.
Contributing to the high reliability of the E26 mini-excavator are the 4-plate box
design for the workgroup, high resistant DCPD covers and ‘quick lock’ hydraulic
The increased stability ensures that the mini-excavator does not require an
additional counterweight when configured with the optional long dipperstick. This
increases the working range while still limiting the weight of the cabbed long arm
version of the E26 to 2,700 kg to allow it to be transported by trailer (maximum
towable weight, including trailer: 3.5 tonnes).
The E26 is equipped with the 15.5 kW Kubota D1105-E2B-BCZ-2 diesel engine and has a new air intake, cooling
and exhaust system, helping to reduce noise for both the operator and bystanders (operator noise level is 77 dBA and
bystander noise is 91 dBA). The sealed floor plates and isolation on the inside of the engine panel behind the operator’s
seat reduces undesired heat in the cab.
Bobcat skid steers
Powered by the 34.3 kW Kubota V2203 4-cylinder diesel engine, the S130 is the biggest model in the Bobcat small skid-
steer loader range. It has an operating weight of 2263 kg, a rated operating capacity of 600 kg, a tipping load of 1200 kg
and a lift height of 2781 mm.
The strong lift arms, short wheelbase and compact design of the S130 offer superior manoeuvrability for work in tight
spaces. The 1964 mm height of the spacious operator cab on the S130 offers excellent access to and visibility of the
attachments on the machine, increasing productivity and allowing the operator to complete more work in less time
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