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2012. With this powerful engine it can attain a travel speed of 57 km/h on a level
surface. Four reverse gears are provided, with the travel speed limited electronically
to 16 km/h. The dumptruck has an ideal oil-cooled wet brake system acting on the
front and centre axles for maximum safety.
Liebherr hydraulic cylinders have proved their reliability in arduous and
demanding operating conditions; they are used on the articulated dump truck
model for dumping and steering movements. With its powerful dumping cylinders
the TA 230 can discharge the contents of its dump body reliably in around 12
seconds and return to its initial position just as rapidly.
Page 27
Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 4
TEK Seating – making driver comfort
and safety a priority
TEK Seating, the largest independent vehicle seating distributor for the OEM and aftermarket in the
UK, is exhibiting a comprehensive range of high performance seats from leading manufacturers
including KAB, Grammer and Milsco.
They will be showing a couple of seats from the high spec KAB 600 series. The 61/K4
and K1 are high and medium back mechanical suspension seats, while the 65/K1 and K4
are high and medium back air suspension seats.
The KAB Compact new small plant seat will also be on display in air and mechanical
versions, plus the KAB 411 mechanical suspension seat, the economical 211 and 214 seats
and the KAB 525P air and mechanical suspension seats with pods.
They are one of very few VIP Grammer dealers and as such are displaying a selection
of their quality seats, including the Actimo and Maximo ranges for heavy duty use. These
high performance seats help to protect drivers from the vibrations and rigours of daily use.
Also from Grammer will be the MSG20 - a compact seat with rapid weight adjustment for small
v e h i c l e s t o
facilitate healthy sitting.
All-purpose seats with various height backrests from Milsco, as well as the CR100 low profile suspension seat will also
be there to evaluate.
Also available will be the new, adjustable TEK 12 seat with slide rails and switch which is easy to fit as no drilling is
Paul Fleming, Managing Director at TEK Seating, said, ‘A good seat is an integral part of health and safety for all
operators. It is crucial that a seat is correctly fitted for a drivers’ height, weight and comfort and that they understand
exactly how it works.’