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machine on display is equipped with a reinforced undercarriage featuring crawler-track components
from the larger R 956. In combination with a heavier counterweight, this ensures higher stability and
allows the use of a larger bucket. The equipment has been optimised for higher digging and breakout
Compared with the standard version, the R 950 SME has an increased engine output and the
new Liebherr 6-cylinder common-rail diesel engine delivers 220 kW. Complying with Stage IIIB/Tier
4i exhaust emission standards, the engine specification includes an external exhaust gas recirculation system and a diesel
particulate filter with active regeneration.
What distinguishes the R 950 and all the new generation models from their predecessors is the increased productivity
and reduction in fuel consumption. This is achieved by optimised interaction between hydraulic and electronic
components – Liebherr’s “Integral Excavator System” technology.
This is an intelligent system that guarantees smooth, fast and effective cycle movements with the technology based
on a Positive Control hydraulic system and specific control logic. Depending on the nature of the task, energy efficiency
can increase by up to 20% and fuel efficiency can improve by up to 15% on the new generation machines.
The higher dynamic performance of the R 950 SME is not just derived from the increased engine power and the new
hydraulic system. Travel speed is 20% higher and, coupled with a 7% increase in drawbar pull, this new excavator is even
more manoeuvrable across rough terrain. Working cycles are improved by a 7% increase to 211 kN in digging force, and a
9 % increase to 255 kN in breakout force.
For the operator, the new generously sized cab creates a pleasant sense of space. For maximum comfort and
convenience, there is a standard air-
s u s pen s i on ope ra t o r s ea t and an
ergonomi c control layout . The high
resolution touch screen is suitable for
video display and can be used for various
tasks, such as checking, adjusting and
The New Mobilmix 2.5
Mixing Plant
The Mobi lmix 2.5 mixing plant is a
container-mounted system is primarily
i ntended for mob i l e use on l arge
construction sites and civil engineering
projects such as ai rports, br idges,
tunnels and roads. It has a maximum output of 110 m³ of compacted concrete
per hour. The integral DW 2.5 twin-shaft mixer is also from Liebherr’s successful range of mixing equipment.
The main components of the Mobilmix 2.5 are housed in strongly constructed containers designed for exceptional
ease of assembly, with all modules ready to plug in so that the complete plant can be ready to operate in just a few days.
Elaborate foundations are not required and the container modules can be supported on steel foundations. Templates in
different colours are supplied to align the steel foundations quickly and accurately.
Once installed, the container modules form a complete weather-protecting housing and additional insulation can be
specified as an optional extra for extremely severe climatic conditions. All sections of the plant are easily accessible from
broad gangways.
The design of the new Mobilmix 2.5 allows tandem operation if required, with an output rate of approximately 220
m³/h. In this configuration, both mixing plants can be operated conveniently from a single control point with the mixer
systems run alternately.
Liebherr ADT to Make UK Debut
The Liebherr TA 230 Litronic articulated dump truck will be seen in the UK for the very first time. It is being brought into
the UK initially as a demonstration unit for extensive customer trials. Full product availability throughout the UK and
Ireland will start in January next year.
The 30 tonnes TA 230 Litronic combines the compact transport dimensions of a 25 t machine with the payload of the
next-higher category. Its transport width is under 3 metres and, with a 19 m³ dump body volume, Liebherr claim it is the
largest in its class, with a shape specially designed for rapid dumping action.
The three strongly constructed rigid axles are the basis for an extremely high-performance 6x6 driveline, with
automatic transmission and torque converter. The ADT on display is driven by a 10.5 litre 270 kW Liebherr D936LA6
diesel engine, which conforms with Stage IIIA / Tier 3 emission limits; Stage IIIB / Tier 4 interim will start at the end of
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