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and a lower loading height of
2,820 mm matches the dump height
of 30 - 60 t excavators or 3.8 - 5.75 m³
The two single stage body lift cylinders
provide a 70º dump angle.
Also on show for the first time in
the UK is 48.5 tonne PC490LCD-10
hydraulic excavator rated at 270 kW
and with a bucket capacity up to
3.5 m³. Of interest to many visitors
will the latest generation of the
world leading ‘production hybrid’
excavator, the HB215-1 with an
operating weight of 21.2 tonnes
and engine power rat ing of
110 kW. Maximum dig depth is
6.62 m and bucket capacities up to
1.36 m³.
An innovative feature is the energy recovered during swing which is stored in special capacitors and is then available
to the engine for addition power as an when needed. In the right application, the fuel saving can be substantial and the
high initial purchase cost can be quickly recovered.
The latest dozer from Komatsu is the 2.9 tonne D65WX-17 with blade capacity from 3.7 m³ to 5.9 m³. Engine output is
rate at 164 kW.
New Holland
and fuel-
efficiency of
Tier 4i
New Holland will show at the Hillhead 2012 exhibition the powerful C Series crawler excavators and wheel loaders
featuring its Tier 4 interim technologies. Visitors to the demonstration plot will also be able to see the machines in action.
The display on the New Holland stand will also include the recently launched L225 skid steer loader and Iveco vehicles for
the construction business.
The display will feature the 21 ton E215C crawler excavator. Relying on Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology
to meet Tier 4 interim emissions standards, this model delivers an extra 15 hp and up to 10% fuel savings compared to
the B Series.
Also on show will be the 35 ton E385C featuring New Holland’s high-efficiency hydraulic system, which produces a
powerful performance combined with exceptional fuel efficiency.
The two C Series wheel loaders on the stand, the W190C and W270C, share the powerful and fuel-efficient
performance that comes with New Holland’s SCR technology.
The heavy-duty axles are designed to cope with the most hostile environments and are ideal for working in
applications such as waste and scrap handling or quarries. The W300C at work on the demonstration plot and the W270C
on display feature the Flat Bottom Bucket,
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