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management alike with its LED warning light and audible ‘Stand Clear’ message.
will be promoting their Site Zone proximity warning system and OnGarde rapid-deployment CCTV tower.
Site Zone uses RFID technology to produce a 360° detection zone around a vehicle and alert the driver when anyone
wearing a Site Zone transponder enters this zone. The tamper-proof OnGarde CCTV tower offers a cost-effective and
efficient solution to site security needs.
According to
Hillhead 2012 will see the launch of the most technically advanced vision system
ever produced for the off-road environment. The surround-view system is fully customizable with regard to application,
machine or environment, and is capable of processing images from horizon to horizon.
ill be launching their latest innovative safety system – Overview. By utilizing four
extremely wide-angle cameras placed around a vehicle, Overview provides a single composite picture that allows the
driver to see all around the vehicle at a single glance, thereby helping to reduce the potential safety issue of information
overload that can sometimes arise with numerous mirrors, cameras and audible warning systems.
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Komatsu celebrates with impressive display
of new machines
Marubeni-Komatsu are celebrating their 40th anniversary at Hillhead with the display of products on static and in live
demonstrations. Included in the products are many models
being seen for the first time in the UK.
Among these is the HM400-3 ADT which will be in the
demonstration zone, but visitors can get close up to the HM300-
3 on the stand.
The latest HM400-3 has a maximum gross vehicle weight
(GVW) of 73,740 kg, hauling up to a 40 tonne payload at its
maximum ground speed of 34.7 mph. Improved operating
performance, lower fuel consumption, improved operator
comfort and enhanced serviceability are other enhancements
that add to productivity and lower operating costs.
The HM300-3 has a gross operating weight is 52,230 kg and
can haul up to 28.1 tonnes at a maximum speed of 36.4 mph.
By redesigning the body, the payload capacity is increased
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