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Veolia purchases the UK’s first Cat D7E Electric Drive dozer from Finning

Enhanc i ng i t s green c redent i a l s , Veol ia Environmental Services, the UK’s leading recyc l ing and waste management company, has become the frst company in the UK to purchase the new Cat D7E electric drive dozer from Finning.

Replacing its old Cat D8T, the new Cat D7E, has been put to work immediately at Veolia’s

Rainham landfll site in Essex. Having been thoroughly tested in real life applicatons at the site before its purchase, the Cat D7E will now set the benchmark for other sites across the group.

Commentng on the machine, Vinod Mehroke, Veolia Environmental Services’ General Manager, London Landfll said, “In all areas of business we strive to be leading in green technology and so the new Cat D7E dozer is a great additon at the Rainham Integrated Waste Management Facility. With an already strong track record in green vehicle investment, we are very proud to be the pioneers in feet efciency by bringing this new dozer into service in the European market.” Finning claim that the D7E is designed to deliver lower operatonal costs, one of the key advantages being its highly energy efficient engine creating the potential saving of 10-30% less fuel per hour subject to application, than other equivalent dozers, saving thousands of pounds each year

With its electric drive system and reduced noise levels inside and out the machine is designed to do more work on less fuel and consume fewer resources of every kind over its working life.

Commentng on the sale, Finning Strategic Account Manager, Jonathan Davies said, “The new Cat D7E is a truly game changing machine. Having proved itself across the world, this is the frst but certainly not the last tme we will see this machine in operaton in the UK. Veolia Environmental Services are at the forefront of advances in technology in recycling and waste management and for their business to put its trust in Finning and Caterpillar equipment, shows how serious a player the Cat D7E can be in this market.

“Early reports show that there is already a signifcant drop in their fuel usage. Operators are also extremely happy with the machine, praising the greater control and manoeuvrability, which leads to less operator fatgue.”

The new dozer will be maintained by Finning with the machine having the capability to have a second and third life. With extended service intervals and quieter operaton, it ofers an overall reducton in total owning and operatng costs.

Diesel to electric power

The Cat D7E electric drive system has a Cat C9.3 engine and an operatng weight of just over 25,700 kg. . But instead of powering a mechanical transmission, the engine drives a generator, which turns the mechanical engine power into AC electricity.

The electric current fows through heavy-duty power cables and connectors into a power inverter. There, some of the current is converted to DC current for the various machine systems. The rest of the AC current is routed to the drive motors, which power the fnal drives. All of these electric drive components are sealed against the environment and liquid cooled, so the whole system performs efciently and reliably in the most demanding dozer applicatons.

It produces noise levels 50 percent lower than previous models, largely because its electric drive train reduces the need for the engine to rev at high levels. The machine is quieter on the inside, as well. Interior cab noise levels during operaton are a low 73 decibels.

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