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Editorial Comment

Will he? Won’t he? The budget is on our doorstep

By the time I get to write the next editorial co l umn for the UK & I re l and Ed i t i on of Contractors World, we will all undoubtedly be

that much poorer; the Chancellor of the Exchequer will have

made his proclamation on how much more the Government is going to drain from us.

As many associatons are saying, some of which are reported in this issue, instead of taking, it is now time for the Chancellor to be realistic and start handing out. Economies and GDP growth are founded on the construction industry - not banks and similar insttutons who get paid massive bonuses for doubling losses! Let any contractors try that on the shareholders.

Improve the infrastructure with new roads, and high speed communicaton systems and industry will be attracted Jobs are created in the construction process and then in the manufacturing and related logistcs services that follow with the potental for signifcantly increasing oversea’s investment.

With the Euro region in economic crisis, investors will be looking for a more solid foundaton - in a country that controls its own economic criteria but is also very close to Europe.

I can see this: institutes and manufacturing can see this: even some politicians can see this. Are we all missing something? Perhaps Chancellor George Osborne (lef) will take a few moments in his budget speech to explain. Do not hold your breath. He will be too busy trumpetng the successes that remedies implemented so far have resulted in - increasing unemployment, crime, and immigration, rising costs and pensions, education and NHS in crisis. Unlike the banks, he probably will not ask for a bonus but will say “This is the mess we inherited.”.

I am not arguing against the fact that the Coalition Government inherited something of a cess pit. And, like all cess pits, they tend to be something of an unknown, One, they do not look very nice and two, you only find out what is under the surface when you get you hands dirty.

Time to stop telling us how we are going to get out of this mess. Time to put on the rubber gloves, boots and goggles (H&SE) and do something about it, as the smell is getng a litle too uncomfortable.

Thank you

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