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users with their glass requirements for more than 30 years. The company has chosen to exhibit at this year’s Intermat to broaden their already wide customer base. James Kilvin told Contractors World that they can now provide a global service so want to develop this potental throughout Europe as well as further afeld.

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GKD Technik

GKD Technik wi l l be showing PWS (Proximi ty Warning System) for the frst tme at Intermat

Designed to protect site workers from being injured by mobile site machinery the PWS system uses radio technology to detect the positon of pedestrians and warn the machinery operator of the hazard.

The system comprises up to 4 antenna on a vehicle or static machine and can detect either a person or a fixed object (fitted with a tag). The range of detection is set at the time of installation and can be tailored to provide greater range to the rear of the machine in zones that have the bigger blindspots.

Ranges between 2m and 10m can be set. A null field may be actvated in specifc locatons around the machine to mask the detection of tags that are in approved locatons to facilitate operatons. This might include crane controllers and slingers for example. The field can be switched on and of as required.

Each tag always reports its identty and batery status to the transmiter upon detecton. Optonally a distance of detecton may also be transmited.

Also on show for the frst tme will be the Incline Alert to allow safe use of small mobile plant on slopes.

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KMP Products Europe Ltd

The company ’s ma in focus i s KMP Brand eng ine components and replacement parts, which are marketed under the KMP Brand name in over one hundred countries worldwide, with a range that spans over twenty-five thousand part numbers.


Visitors will be interested to see, amongst other products, Nylacast Big Foot. This has passed the most stringent industry safety tests. In addition, recent independently verified tests on Nylacast cast nylon based Bigfoot, under load on dry and wet sand have shown that they signifcantly outperform polyethylene pads. In fact, even when Bigfoot pads had their thickness reduced by 25% they stll comfortably outperformed polyethylene pads. From the independent analysis, for a given ground loading Nylacast Bigfoot is easi ly capable of safely supporting 1.6 times more load than an equivalent polyethylene pad.

Independent testing on the performance of Nylacast Bigfoot in comparison to standard PE pads was conducted by ACA (Advanced Computational Analysis) based in Notngham, UK.

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Off-Highway Research

Off-Highway Research is the world’s largest consultancy specialising in the analysis of the internatonal constructon equipment industry. The company will be ofering its full range of research services at Intermat in the UK pavilion. David Phillips managing director, said, “During the show, three major new research programmes will be launched which include The Construction Equipment

Site Equipment - What’s New

James Kivlin,

Partner, Cab Glazing Service LLP

said that at Intermat they will be promotng the fact that the company can now ship globally and, as such, will be looking to further penetrate European and other markets

GKD Technik Proximity Warning System is a cost efcient way to eliminate blind spots for operators and site personnel.

This intelligent alarm system only alerts the operator of an out of sight-line hazard that is tagged.

Contractors World - UK & Ireland Vol 2 No 2

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