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New concrete designed to set in cold weather

Cold weather has always been a problem for contractors pouring concrete. Extreme cold requires use of additves or some form of exterior covering and heatng. However, things could change with the new product recently announced by LaFarge.

Chronolia Weathermix can tolerate far colder conditons than standard concrete with an accelerated setng tme to allow constructon to contnue even in wintry weather.

Nick Yell, product development manager in the Readymix division at Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK, said the product was a brand new innovaton for the UK. “The idea is Weathermix is less sensitive to cold weather conditons than conventonal concrete. “While it is not an ant-freeze concrete, because of its mix design it sets more quickly and produces its heat much beter than conventonal concrete which means it can be used in winter weather situatons where conventonal concrete would struggle to set.”

The company is confdent that the product can be used for placing in temperatures from +3 to -7º Celsius.

The concrete is mixed at a Lafarge plant and the temperature monitored so that it is more than 5 degrees centgrade before it goes out to the customer.

With the mixing of the readymix truck and the heat generated naturally from the mix the concrete can be placed and as long as it is protected overnight should achieve sufcient maturity to resist ongoing winter conditons.

Nick said, “It is imperatve the customer protects the concrete – it is all about trapping the heat in so it will cook and gain strength quickly.

“This is the beneft of Chronolia Weathermix as conventonal concrete would actually struggle to set sufciently in colder temperatures.”

Click here for more informaton >>> LaFarge Chronolia Weathermix

Dirty rearview cameras are next to useless

Dumptrucks are routnely fted with rear view cameras and there is a grow trend for them to be fitted to other large pieces of mining, quarrying constructon equipment. Undoubtedly they are a signifcant safety beneft will have resulted in eliminated deaths and accidents within the industry. However, during use, the lens of the cameras can get very dirty and is always that easy to reach to clean.

Vision Techniques has created a variety of innovatve camera products to h prevent this situaton occurring, eliminatng any accidents and potental litgaton costs.

These amazing new products include rear view cameras specifcally designed to protect against dirt - so there is no need for manual cleaning.

The Vision Techniques shuter camera clears away dirt and protects the lens at the push of a buton.

And the company’s exclusive high-quality Wiper System with Jet Wash system serves a similar purpose, representng a revoluton in health and safety.

“A number of waste vehicles are now being specified with multi-channel CCTV systems. A clean camera is critical to capturing vital images for evidental purposes. Both Jet Wash and Wiper Cameras can be retro fted on any type of quarry vehicle.”

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