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Ten minutes from hammer to bucket

The new device allows the safe use of vibrators on both semi-automatc and fully automatc quick hitches without the need for manual intervention. It is CE Marked, strain tested and approved by leading hammer manufacturers

It can be locked onto fully automatic quick hitches while attached to the hammer. The fully-locked two-pin connection ensures minimal risk but allows the operator to switch from bucket to hammer in less than 10 minutes. “Previously, we would need to remove the quick-hitch before fitting the hammer – and that could take four or five hours” says Mr Gorton.

Made by Miller UK exclusively for Piletec, the VibroSafe is now officially available. As well as having been thoroughly tested under controlled conditons, the device has been trailed on site by a number of contractors who collaborated with Piletec during the development of the design.

“As well as improving safety, the VibroSafe also transforms productvity” says Mr Gorton. “It’s quick to use and contractors no longer have to supply a dedicated excavator for vibrator use.

“McGee’s are currently using the VibroSafe on a contract airside at Heathrow Airport and John Reilly, KMI and J.N. Bentley are also using it on their sites” says Mr Gorton. “Balfour Beaty USL has approved the device for use on their sites and have placed an order for six, for use on a renewable energy site in Scotland.”

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Ceramic lining technology improves screening efficiency

Hanson UK’s Ingleton quarry has taken advantage of the latest developments from Sandvik to improve its screening efficiency through the replacement of existing quenched steel liners with ceramic inserts. Although Hanson management was initially sceptical about the claims made by Sandvik, they are now “delighted” by the performance of the Sandvik liners which have dramatcally improved the efciency of the screening operaton. The frst aspect that was looked at by Sandvik was the feedbox leading to the primary screen. The inital setup was based around 30 mm steel backed rubber elements that due to the heavy duty nature of the screening operaton had to be changed every four months. Sandvik’s solution was to replace the rubber elements with Sandvik WT9200 27 mm thick ceramic liners. Even though the applicaton is very tough, with a greywacke material feed size of anything up to 200 mm, at a producton rate of 250 tph, the ceramic liners have given 18 months trouble free service. These are due to be rotated in the next few months which will give Hanson another six month’s life from the installaton.

The discharge chute - a wet applicaton on a fnal 6 x 16 f screen dealing with very fne material that was previously lined with quenched steel plate. This had on average lasted three months. Sandvik replaced the steel liners with ceramic liners cut to size, which have now been in operation for over 12 months and are showing no signs of wear, with the quarry management being delighted with the extended wear life.

Through the replacement of steel liners with ceramic ones from Sandvik, Hanson has reduced the sound emissions emanatng from their operaton due to the dampening efect of the liners, and reduced the number of replacements required during the producton process, improving productvity.

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