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Concrete firms puts building blocks in place for future growth

A frm that supplies precast concrete products to a wide range of industries across the UK has celebrated the start of its ffh year in business earlier this month with plans to expand into signifcantly larger premises.

Shropshire-based Elite Precast Concrete Ltd currently employs a team of 28 and manufactures and supplies a range of interlocking precast concrete blocks, which are used by local authorities and recycling businesses to create extremely robust, free standing storage bays to hold waste. The blocks are also proving to be an increasingly atractve soluton in sectors such as outdoor hospitality and constructon, where they are easily utlised as kentledge – a form of temporary counterweight – to hold scafolding, security fencing, and even marquees in place.

Afer ofcially launching in January 2008, Elite Precast Concrete Ltd has now grown to become the UK’s market leader in interlocking and counterweight precast concrete blocks, and enjoys a mult-million pound turnover that has increased more than sevenfold over the past year.

Owen Batham, Sales and Marketng Director of Elite Precast Concrete Ltd (lef), explained: “Richard Doody and Alan Johnson, the company’s founders, had decades of experience working within the constructon materials sector before they decided to create a company that would do things differently than the industry norm. Launching at the start of the recession was certainly a brave move, they struggled to secure bank finance, but they were so passionate about their plans that they remortgaged their houses to obtain the necessary working capital. That belief has paid of, and the company is now in a fantastc positon to capitalise on such strong foundatons.”

In addition to consolidating its position in the waste management and recycling sectors, where it counts a number of local authorites and waste management companies as clients, Elite Precast Concrete Ltd is also aiming to expand into a variety of other markets, both in the UK and internatonally, over the coming months.

“The energy-from-waste sector offers huge potential, as our blocks are ideal for storing fuel at anaerobic digeston facilites. We are also looking to expand our operations in the healthcare sector, where the ‘V’ Interlocking concrete blocks can be used to build radiation units in cancer treatment facilities –we have already been involved in a project like this in Saudi Arabia – while the rail industry is also another massive untapped market, as our blocks can easily be installed on embankments during improvement and maintenance work.”

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already been searched by divers and was given the all clear. The specialists will shortly begin surveying under Connaught Bridge directly above the Connaught Tunnel.

Any potential devices identified in the ground through the survey will be reported to the authorities for further investgaton. Similar ground surveys will be undertaken at other Crossrail sites in east London.

Linda Miller contnued: “We know from existng maps where bomb drops occurred in London during the 1940s. Ahead of major refurbishment work on the Connaught Tunnel, we will be undertaking detailed checks to identfy whether there are any remaining devices that are yet to be uncovered. All the information obtained through our magnetic ground surveys will be used to update existng London-wide mapping as well as inform future constructon projects.”

Afer surveys for unexploded ordnance are completed, Crossrail archaeologists will open excavaton trenches in an atempt to locate evidence of human setlement and farming in the area datng back nearly 6,000 years. Working with the Museum of London Archaeology, Crossrail also aims to map the efect of the River Thames on the area during historic and prehistoric tmes.

Sitting above the Connaught Tunnel near Connaught Bridge is the tunnel pump house. This attractive Victorian building is too small to accommodate the larger modern pumping equipment that will be installed as part of the tunnel’s major refurbishment. Subject to structural surveys, Crossrail proposes donatng the structure to the SS Robin Trust. The SS Robin is one of the world’s oldest steamships and was built in east London. The ship’s trust is seeking a permanent berth in the Royal Docks and the pump house structure would form the quayside tcket ofce.

The cofferdam works which will commence in 2013 have been planned in conjunction with the Royal Docks Management Authority and tmed to start afer the London Boat Show. [CWMAGS]

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