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into place over the coming weeks. The spire itself will form the top 23 foors of the tower startng at viewing gallery level 72 and rise to level 96. It is antcipated that the erecton of the spire will entail approximately 100 lifs to raise the large foor and façade elements into place.

Each of the spire’s façade sectons can measure up to three f loors. Comprised of 800 separate pieces of steel, entire sections will be pre-mounted off-site, then transported to the building to be lifed into place. When fully extended, the CTL 180-16 will sit 317 metres (1,040 ft) above

ground level, which represents 7 metres taller than the tower’s estmated highest point, setng the record of the highest crane ever used in the UK.

Lifed by the CTL 180-16, part of the tower’s 56,000 m² of low iron content glass panels have already been fted. Crystal clear, instead of a pale shade of green, the specially manufactured glass provides the iceberg efect that Piano expected.

The Shard will hold the record for the tallest building in London. Due to limits set by the Civil Aviation Authority, nothing in London can be built higher.

The eight tower cranes operated by Select Plant Hire on The Shard include one Terex CTL140-8, one Terex CTL180-16, four Terex CTL 260-18, and two Terex CTL400-24 lufng jib tower crane models.

Tight schedule to meet requirement

The contractors have to complete all exterior works and remove all cranes prior to the opening of the London 2012 Olympic Games in July. This is one reason why they brought in the Unic cranes to provide additonal lifing capacity as the building approaches full height.

They have put an additon operator on during the day and one through the night. This is because weather (high winds speeds) has held up the project so tme is being made up by having additonal operator to cover breaks, etc. The schedule remains for the crane to be brought down at the end of March.

Di smant l ing tower cranes at such height always poses a chal lenge. In thi s part icular instance there is very l imited ground area in which to mount a large crane to lif the elements down . Con t r a c t o r s Wo r l d understands that the plan is to reverse jump the cranes; the lower derrick crane being left in position for future maintenance work.

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Page 14 - cwuk-2-2

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