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Orders for Liebherr Material Handlers

Liebherr UK has recently del ivered orders for material handlers to two major UK companies.

Long-standing Liebherr customer Bywaters (Leyton) Ltd has placed an order for ten specialist waste handlers for serial delivery over the next few months.

A mixture of long-reach industrial rehandlers and wheeled loading shovels replacing older Liebherr models, the machines will be deployed to Bywaters’ Lea Riverside, Bow (which is London largest undercover dry material recovery facility) and Gateway Road, Leyton recycling, recovery and resource management centres.

The new machines confirm Bywaters’ continuing allegiance to the Liebherr marque and will enhance the company’s material handling capabilities as volumes contnue to increase in both the incoming wastestream and the resultng recycled materials, especially as Bywaters is increasing the capacity of the state-of-the-art MRF at their Lea Riverside site in Bow. This substantal investment is comprised of L 550 and L 556 wheeled loaders, R 924 Litronic tracked and A 904 Litronic wheeled long-reach industrial rehandlers.

Bywaters provides London and the South East with recycling and resource management services involving the collecton, processing, separaton and recycling of wastestreams such as building, constructon, domestc and commercial waste materials. Additonally, the company is also heavily involved in the treatment and reclamaton of glass, plastcs, board, paper, secondary metals, WEEE and plasterboard. Specialist vehicles, including a large skip feet, transport the raw waste materials from customers to Bywaters sites where maximum reclamaton ensures clean recyclables are efciently extracted for reuse. This ensures a corresponding reducton in tp-to-landfll volumes with all the associated savings in transport and tax costs as well as making a signifcant contributon to environmental benefts.

More Liebherr Material Handlers

Family-owned independent metal and waste management company, Ward Recycling, recently added a further three Liebherr machines to their modern feet of specialist material handlers. Two A 924 C and one A 934 C wheeled long-reach industrial rehandlers are hard at work at Ward’s recycling plants at Ilkeston between Derby and Notngham and Woodville near Burton-on-Trent.

Ward Recycling has owned and operated Liebherr equipment for over ffeen years and these latest machines have been acquired to ensure contnued material handling efciency, as waste volumes being recycled at the company’s plants contnue to increase. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, C&D, commercial waste and ELVs are all processed at the Ilkeston and Woodville facilites, where the new Liebherrs are involved in stockpiling, feeding shredders and other processing machinery and loading bulk vehicles.

Expansion from the original Woodville premises, with two state-of-the-art recycling plants at Ilkeston and considerable investment in plant and equipment, has established Ward Recycling as one of the largest family-owned recycling specialists in the industry with a turnover of more than £100m and employing 200 people. Ward Recycling also operates a large feet of specialist vehicles, including skip, roll-on-offs and artics and can collect material on a natonal basis.

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Lef to right. Ian Lawes, Area Sales Manager, Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd. Nick Glover MRF Operatons Director, Bywaters. John S. Glover, Managing Director, Bywaters. Peter Mayr, Managing Director, Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd.

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