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Ireland’s MW Hire Group Invest in Tower Lights

The County Kilkenny based plant and pump hire specialists, MW Hire, have made a substantal investment in lightng towers, optng to purchase a feet of VB9 lightng sets from TowerLight SRL, the Italian manufacturer.

According to the company, tests have proven that the VB9 will reduce fuel usage by 72% by simply utlising a smaller engine combined with a series of electronics that ensures the metal halide lightng output is not compromised. If this is the case, then this reducton in fuel use equates to an average saving of up to €350 per month, when compared to traditonal lightng towers.

Commentng on this recent purchase, MW Hire owner, Maty Walsh said “In these difcult tmes we decided to invest in the TowerLight VB9, principally because we were impressed with its green credentals. These sets will provide our customers a great lightng tower - which gives them substantal savings - whilst helping to beneft the wider environment” The MW Hire Group was established in 1992 and they are located in Urlingford, The company ofers a wide range of plant and equipment for hire throughout the Country and have ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 accreditaton.

Volvo pavers gets the thumbs up at Breedon

With years of experience with ABG 473s and one of the frst ABG 6870s sold in the U.K., Breedon Aggregates has given the thumbs up with purchase of a second 6870 wheeled paver for its feet.

The new Volvo ABG6870 wheeled paver contnues a long associaton with the ABG product for Breedon Aggregates and according to Breedon’s Contractng Director Kevin Carmichael was chosen principally for the quality and smoothness to the fnished mat. “Besides that, our operatng crews have a decisive input to the purchasing decision and they certainly appreciate the machine’s low noise levels, manoeuvrability and easy to use controls,” he commented.

Breedon Aggregates will also benefit from some significant improvements introduced on the ABG6870 over its predecessor, such as, up to a 25% fuel saving and a massive 9 dB(A) reducton in external noise levels – an important point for the company who specialise in local authority, urban and private contracts as well as major trunk road maintenance from the central belt to the highlands and islands and the north of Scotland.

Reliability is also a key area for considering the ABG6870 says Mr Carmichael. “With the type of work we do, the machine has to be available seven days a week, 52 weeks a year and we’ve enjoyed a relatvely high reliability with our existng feet of ABG pavers.” For complete peace of mind, a full repair and maintenance programme for the new paver is being taken care of by Volvo Constructon Equipment under i ts Blue customer support agreement.

Breedon Aggregates ’ cont ract ing services business is one of the longest established in the UK and is the market l eader in the Nor th of Scot l and for motorway and trunk road maintenance. T h e C o m p a n y i s t h e l a r g e s t independent aggregates company in the UK, employing over 800 people in Central England, East Angl ia, Eastern England (through recently-acquired C&G Concrete) and Scotland..

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