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Terex TL260 wheel loader fits the bill at waste transfer site

J & J Stanley Ltd had a Terex TL260 wheel loader on trial as a possible loader for their waste and recycling centre. At the end of the trial period, managing director Gordon Stanley refused to return it and told Terex Distributon Limited (TDL): “Don’t bother to send a truck to collect the machine, come and pick up a cheque.”

J & J Stanley runs waste and recycling facilites in the Tyne & Wear area and was looking for a wheel loader for its new 2.5 a

waste transfer site. Afer trying various machines, the company’s machine operator, Albert Perkins, chose the Terex.

“We wanted a compact machine for sortng and stockpiling, and also to load wagons and the recycling plant with wood, soil, constructon waste, paper, cardboard and household refuse,” says Mr. Stanley. “The Terex is compact and fast, with excellent visibility for the operator and is very good on fuel,” he adds.

With its 2.6 m³ general purpose bucket on the ground, the 14.4 tonne loader has an overall length of less than 7.25 m and a turning radius of 6.15 m (at outside bucket edge) - ideal size for productve work in restricted areas.

GGR Group helps Westfield Stratford lift-off

Westfield Stratford City, Europe’s largest urban shopping complex with 250 shops and 70 places to eat and drink spread over 175,000 m³, opened its doors recently afer lifing solutons experts, GGR Group, helped with the fnishing touches to the shopping centre. GGR Group were involved in fitting 200 glass shop fronts and other tasks using Unic mini spider cranes and glass vacuum lifers. The company set up their own depot at the Westfield Stratford City site, with a range of cranes and expert operators ready to tackle challenging construction and glazing jobs and provide technical support. During the course of the project, the depot accommodated around 30 cranes and vacuum lifers, 120 A-frames and 20 operators to meet demand.

To ft glazing into both upper and lower levels Unic URW-095 mini crane and Kombi 7211-DS2 vacuum lifer with lockable tlt functon installed dozens of 500 kg glass units.

The group also used their largest mini crane, the Unic URW-706, to handle Westield Stratord City’s impressive center-piece, the Digital Fountain, which was created by installaton artst Jason Bruges.

Unic URW-376 and URW-706 mini cranes also worked in tandem on one of the development’s fre escape bridges. The cranes were chosen due to the restricted access around the car park and roofop. The crane double act successfully installed steel staircases, braces to form a walkway and side-runners for the balustrade system to the bridge.


           More information: Terex TL260 Email    


           More information: GGR Group Email

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