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Editorial Comment

When can we take politicians at their word?

The Government continues to issue statements on investment in industry, infrastructure, apprenticeship schemes but have yet to tell us when it will all begin.

Even then the ‘nimby’ group kick in. The recent refusal of planning permission for the carbon capture coal plant at Hunterston is a classic example of ‘not in my back yard’ culture. I can understand their arguments but Hunterston is in Ayrshire which has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the country.

This project would have created 1,600 temporary jobs during construction and 160 permanent jobs in the power plant plus the opportunites for supplies and deliveries.

There were over 20,000 objectons - a staggering number which borders on mass hysteria. Admittedly this is pioneering technology and there were some concerns over public health.

Surely a beter way is through mediaton. There is no denying that this project and many others planned, are good for employment and, in many instances, good for the environment.

We have the opton, build more power statons or switch of the lights. There are solutons, but all too ofen people get too polarised one way or the other and cannot agree a middle ground positon.

Thames Estuary Airport

If the Government is serious about putng the ‘GREAT’ back in Britain then they should listen to the words of Sir Norman Foster and Boris Johnson, who for all his quirkiness, has proved to be a very good innovatve for London.

The proposed Thames Estuary Airport is feasible and economically a very efcient soluton to modernising Britain’s airports. Anyone who travels abroad sees how modern, clean and efcient other airports are compared to shambles at Heathrow, which is well past its ‘sell-by date’ - unless you are travelling with Britsh Airways, in which case you use the new modern terminal. For most, it is not a very nice ‘Welcome to Britain’ message for tourists.

To construct a new airport in the Thames Estuary has so many benefts. Many jobs during the construction, a demand of construction materials, enables 24 hour operaton with no efect on communites and would be a show piece for the United Kingdom. Not to menton all the other works that would associated with it.

The land at Heathrow could then be totally redeveloped creatng more jobs and opportunites for industry. It would also remove the blight on thousands of people unfortunate enough to live in the fight path.

Now, there is a real opportunity for the ’nimby’ culture to say ‘Enough is enough’. . . what a gateway ‘Welcome’ for the 2017 World Athletcs Games. Can we do it . .of course we can?

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