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New transport platforms from Alimak Hek

Alimak Hek UK is now offering the latest transport platorms from the Hek range. The two models are in the light range of vertical access equipment - the HEK TPL 500 & 300, with load capacity of 500 kg and 300 kg respectvely.

The new model s bui ld on exper ience wi th previous models and are of a simpler design and, as such, can be more easily used fxed direct to buildings or the scafolding for transport of material. Although light and easy to erect, they are still designed to provide long term durability and reliability.

The t h r ee pha s e 500 k g ma c h i ne ha s a travelling speed of 12 m/min in transport platform conf igurat ion (wi th personnel on board) and 24 m/min in the material only hoist confguraton. The single phase 300 kg machine is slower with a travelling speed is 10 m/min. A simple key switch, positoned on the electrical control panel converts the units from a transport platform to a material hoist, actvatng all appropriate safety features at the same tme.

For maximum flexibility, the load ramp position on both models is fully interchangeable and it can be installed on lef, right or facing out. It can be replaced

by a bi-foldable gate, to permit easier loading with a fork-lift, or, for when it is to be used as a transport platform, for ease of personnel access.

Similarly, the exit ramp is also interchangeable and can be installed facing the most convenient direction. The landing gate can has the option of a control bar system with vertical or horizontal bar opening. The third side of the machine is provided with a fxed railing or, alternatvely, with a ramp or bi-foldable gate.

The new mast design allows te distances up to 7.5 m to be achieved, giving the ability to easily span 3 foors of a building or scafold. The te pipes are fxed on the mast sectons via a double frame arrangement for greater rigidity.

The safety systems are housed in the control panel, and conform with the latest available safety standards. The internal panel layout has been improved to be more compact while providing ease of use for installers and service engineers.

The mast sectons are connected by four eyebolts, permanently atached to the mast secton itself. Not only does this make assembly faster but, more importantly, eliminates the risk of bolts being installed incorrectly or the wrong bolts being used.

Both models are fted with an overspeed safety device that comes into operaton if the platorm exceeds the rated speed, bringing the hoist to a controlled stop. The hoist is also fted with an overloading sensing device which prevents the use of the machine if too much load is carried.

Adrian Bolton, Alimak Hek UK, told Contractors World that the smaller model, being single-phase power supply will be atractve to builders for townhouse and low-rise apartment builders in new-build of renovaton. The larger 3-phase model will be of interest to turnkey developers where the transport platorm can be used during scafolding erecton and then by the various trades during the building works. Adrian also thinks that there may be an opportunity through some hire depots for these.

Site Equipment

The latest HEK transport platorms can be used with scafolding or fxed to the wall. Flexibility is ofered by diferent set up combinatons for easier, safer and faster vertcal movement of materials.

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